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Topic: Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

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    Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

    Although this demo of one of my all time favourites will never be finished, i decided to post the clip anyway. It shows the new PMI Baroque Organ in a setting with strings section.
    Poulenc Concerto for Organ and Strings

    Hope you like it, even with a few notes missing and without any expression in the strings! It intended as an organ demo! And it demonstrates the genius of Poulenc building climax after climax, mixed with very sweet romantic pieces.

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    Re: Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

    My heart sank at 7:41 to 8:00! I\'ve always loved Poulenc exactly for this.

    Yes, the string section is not meticulously done, but can do. The organ, on the other hand, is simply fabulous!

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    Re: Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

    Hi Nhick,
    Thank you for the compliment. I am very happy with this organ. The strings should get a decent midi cc# treatment! When I have time left i will finish the piece.

    Isn\'t Poulenc a genius?
    It seems he used many phrases from other composers, almost in an ironic way. I love it.

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    Re: Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

    You are a genius too! I tried programming my own set of samples (anklung) as well, and thought, comparing mine with what you do, ugh, this takes a lot of wit and patience. By the way, I used your Bos, again, to accompany my anklung demo. Have you heard it?

    Yes, I like Poulenc very much!

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    Re: Poulenc Organ Concerto&Strings

    I didn\'t know what an anklung was so I missed the topic, I\'ve downloaded the gig file right now. That Pong Pong Ginademo is absolutely crazy! You are a funny man. I can remmeber a Disney cartoon with a skeletton playing on his own bones making a similar sound.
    A very nice piece of music and it makes good use of the Bosendorfer. Thanks!

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