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Topic: Percussion Demo

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    Percussion Demo

    Here\'s a short piece that uses percussion samples only. It features xylophone and tom-toms. It\'s my first composition with EWQLSO percussion.


    Please let me know what you think.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Raise the Red Lantern!

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    Re: Percussion Demo

    One of the very few pure percussion pieces I\'ve heard that I thoroughly enjoyed! Excellent stuff. Mind if I ask which QLSO package these samples hail from? They sound wonderful.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    My backround is originally in percussion and I’d have to say - that is one of the most musical percussion pieces I’ve ever heard. The use of dynamics is amazing and the fact that the parts are not in absolute perfect time make this completely believable IMO (I’d love to hear an uncompressed version).

    Very very nice job - really excellent work!

    Is “EWQLSO percussion” a stand alone percussion library or are all of those samples included with Silver Edition. I’d really like to know because I might just have to get those samples!


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    What I didn´t like was the xylophone , too much quantize , that make it sound unrealistic...You wrote it using the mouse , right???
    For keyboard instruments it´s always better to play them with your hands instead of using the mouse...intruments like snare and toms you can (or should) quantize them straigth...
    ...All the rest sounds very convincing [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Thanks for your comments and your ears!


    Are you referring to the film Raise the Red Lantern? I am not familiar with it. Does it have a soundtrack with extensive use of percussion? Let me know.


    All the samples are from the EWQLSO Platinum edition. (It\'s basically the only volume I can afford right now and I am running it on one computer.)


    Glad you liked it. I want it to have a performance feel and I refrained from making it as tight as possible by playing ahead of the beat on some of the instruments.

    The EWQLSO platinum library can be purchased, I believe, in one whole set (four volumes) or you can purchase the volumes separately. I purchased the Percussion volume by itself, but I don\'t think the separate volumes are available in the silver or gold editions. The platinum editions have the different microphone settings (close, stage, and far). These options in conjunction with the velocity switching layers of each instrument facilitate a wide range of dynamics.


    The xylophone is not quantized, but it is very forward and prominent. I played the xylophone from my keyboard and ahead of the beat. This was the first track I improvised and then as I realized the time signature, I set up my sequencer for a 5 / 8 rhythm and began improvising some more. I did move a few notes to tighten it up, but I avoid quantizing.

    I am not sure about your point about quantizing drums. In this case, the tom-toms, xylophone and timpani are played slightly ahead of the beat to add to the momentum and I would avoid quantizing them.


    Yes. Those are concert toms. (I can practice my Joe Morello fills with them.) I used these in the close and far setting. I used the xylophone on the close and far setting too.

    The vibes and crotales are more distant. I think these are in the far setting only. (Anvils and Wagner bass drum lurking in there too.)


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Nice piece! Nice use of sounds and composition.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Fun piece Marko!
    Even when the harmonic content is simpler, you still manage to keep things real interesting with these odd meter stuff! Real cool [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
    I have no issues with quantizing or whatever...

    It\'s all good!

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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Thanks Patrick!
    Thanks Tom!

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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Sounds great. and it\'s platinum. Platinum has concert toms and I thought i also heard some distant vibes and close xylophone at the end.

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