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Topic: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

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    Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Here\'s a new demo using the Hamburg Steinway with a mezzo-soprano. The piece is Debussy\'s la Chevelure from Trois Chansons de Bilitis.

    The Hall Noise sample was added to create the effect of a real recording from the Krannert Center\'s Foellinger Great Hall where the piano was recorded. You can hear it fade in and then out at the end!


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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo


    who is the vocalist..How did you record her?

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Hi Alan, yes I recorded her in my studio this week. Her name is Jori Jennings, a graduate student in voice at the U of I.

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    this is awesome!!! great composition....very very melencholic. i\'m in love with her voice...

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Sorry Alan I misread your question, \"HOW\" did you record her! Real simple actually. We first recorded the piano (my wife played) as a MIDI track while Jori sung her part along, but I didn\'t record the vocals. We then went back and dubbed the vocals while the piano track played back through Sonar with Kontakt as a DXi. This way the piano part was done and we could just work with the vocals. Then it was just a matter of adding a little bit of reverb to her voice and mixing them together!

    I used a stereo pair of AT-4033\'s to simulate a more \"live hall movement\" sound as opposed to one mic being panned to stereo. Does this answer your question?

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Thanks Robin! I\'ll tell her you like her voice! If you know the words, it\'s actually quite a sexual piece. That dirty Debussy!

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    She must be big!!!

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Isn\'t it \"It ain\'t over till the THIN lady sings\"? She\'s actually not big at all! I\'m sure she\'ll be thrilled to hear this! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    Brett, Is it a, commercially, good idea to limit your piano\'s exposure by choosing a piece like this? I think you could broaden your audience (and potential customers) by offering something with more popular appeal, initially. Just my tanner\'s worth.

    I find this music form so hard to take that I\'m afraid I couldn\'t really concentrate on the piano nor listen to the end. Apologies for my common taste....Sorry.

    It was interesting to me that the singing authenticates, and reminds me of, Bela D Media\'s Diva products.


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    Re: Debussy Piano/Vocal Demo

    i think, it´s quite interesting to listen to this recording and style, cause you get an impression about the sustain of the samples, even when it´s played piano/pianissimo.
    ( i have a real Steinway B, that´s why these parameters are the most importants to me ).

    anyway, i could hear some detuned samples. How that ?!?

    1 Question: what about an EXS II release ?


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