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Topic: My first GOS song/demo/something(?)

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    My first GOS song/demo/something(?)

    I posted in Garritan Orchestral Strings forum and was told I could post here also to get some feedback so here I am...

    I got GOS a few days ago and I would love to get some feedback on something Im trying it out with.
    Im just a happy amatuer & have no musical education/knowledge so go easy on me and dont expect to much from it, hehe
    Ive never done music like this before so don´t expect to much [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    (see link below to my electronic country-a-go-go project [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
    All tips & tricks are welcome. I have crap speakers so mixing tips are also welcome.

    Anyway - here´s the music:

    Cheers... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My first GOS song/demo/something(?)

    Hey. Excellent work so far. I enjoyed it a lot.

    It certainly depends on where you want to take this piece, but I wouldn\'t mind the song taking more time to develop it\'s themes. However, my friends often tell me I take too long, so take that with a grain of salt!

    Please share what all you used to do this. I liked the scratch noises and the synths. I didn\'t think the drum kit was quite as interesting as the rest of the tune. (The sound, not the programming!)

    Take care,

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    Re: My first GOS song/demo/something(?)

    Hi Mark,

    Im glad you enjoyed it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I made it in Cubase SX. Only had it for about a week but so far I LOVE it.
    The scratch noises comes from ProSamples cd Vol 23 Trip Hop. Its a cheap sample cd I bought from bestservice.de. Also had a DJ friend of mine made some scratches for me but havent used them yet but I made a HALion instrument with them.
    If you or anyone wants them you can get it here:

    The drums are also from a ProSamples cd. Its a loop Ive cutted/sliced etc in Cubase SX.
    Its now possible to make REX files inside SX. I´ll give the drums some more time. Actually gonna give the whole song some more time. Far from finished yet, but then again I guess I shouldnt spend too much time with it either, hehe

    The synth sound is my old Access Virus A. My favorite synth ever. When I can afford I´ll get the \"Darth Vader look-a-like\" Virus C.
    Check it out: http://www.access-music.de/products.php4?product=virusc
    Nice eh?

    Back to the music.

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