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Topic: Studiologic TMK-88 keyboard

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    Studiologic TMK-88 keyboard

    I\'m planning to buy new master keyboard replacing my old crappy casio. TMK-88 seams to be just right to my budjet. It has all I need, 88-keys, mod wheel (it\'s not great but better than nothing), one midi out and sustain pedal input.

    If any of you have this keyboard could you please review it for me, or offer me similar model with same price tag.



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    Re: Studiologic TMK-88 keyboard

    did you search on ebay or similar for a second hand one. There are often interesting ones.

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    Re: Studiologic TMK-88 keyboard

    Take a look at the M-Audio Keystation 88 here:


    You can get $50 off when you enter this coupon code:


    It also comes with a free stretchy dust cover.

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