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Topic: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

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    Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    I downloaded the demo program (30meg version), and thoroughly enjoyed it. I\'ve gotten the feeling I\'d like it, but would like to hear some stuff done with it or opinions of those who\'ve used it. I want to know what else it comes with sound-wise, and I think most of that could be handled with a few mp3s.

    If anyone has any or knows where to point me, I\'d be most appreciative! I\'ve Googled it a few ways, didn\'t come up with much...

    For those interested in the demo, check it out here, it\'s a damn cool VST from what I can tell:



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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    I did find this:


    a few demos there, and a patch auditioner it looks like. Kinda cool, still would prefer to hear some local demos if they\'re around.

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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    I use Xphraze extensively, and will be putting it to use in a bit a mixed context over the weekend with a Euro-goth spec cue that also leverages Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and Groove Agent. If I don\'t get to it this weekend, it would be by end of month. I also wrote a review for XPhraze on AudioMIDI.com, but the old link that I had to it no longer works.


    Anyway, I consider it to be the best digital synth out there, bar none.

    To keep things on topic here (since this is a sample libraries discussion forum), XPhraze does have a decent little sample import utility, so that you can drive your own sounds through its wave sequencer. The only thing that comes close is Kontakt, and I consider XPhraze to be the superior interface and architecture in this context. If you ever had a soft spot for the Prophet VS or Korg Wavestation, this axe will get the same job done and then some. Keep an eye out for version 1.2, which will sport some richer and more efficient filters, as well as a more unified UI.

    I plan to convert some public Giga files into HALion format, just so that I can have the flat wav files to import into XPhraze and develop some really nice home-grown textures.

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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    Originally posted by Houston Haynes:
    I also wrote a review for XPhraze on AudioMIDI.com, but the old link that I had to it no longer works.

    Anyway, I consider it to be the best digital synth out there, bar none.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Houston,

    I spent sometime, yesterday, working with the XPhrase demo. I did try to get your review at AudioMIDI, but got the \"file not found\". There was another review there.

    I would be interested in reading your review. If you could send it to music@lawrencelougheed.com , that would be great. If, for any reason, you can\'t - no worries.



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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    Thanks for the info, I\'ve been away for a bit! I\'m ordering tonight, despite not having heard any additional mp3s. It\'s not monstrously expensive, so I can afford the mistake if it turns out to be, BUT - I really think this is going to be something I will love. The feel of working with the demo seemed very promising.

    I actually know very little about synths, generally speaking. I avoided them for so long, pretty much living in my narrow world of \"orchestral.\" SO when I did turn to a synth, it was usually only because I didn\'t have a good enough sample of some traditional instrument! Kinda sad, huh? But better late than never.

    I love Atmosphere among others these days, but the tempo integration for motion within sounds, etc, makes the XPhrase insanely appealing. I\'d still love to hear some work done with it if anyone would care to post (or email me) anything. Otherwise I guess I\'ll be playing with it day after tommorrow!


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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    Hi Darren, sorry to report that I had some trouble getting the music link to work. I kept getting some strange requests regarding information transfer of some sort, and when I clicked on the link to the mp3, nothing happened. I\'m website stupid myself, so I\'ve got no clue! I do appreciate your offering it up, if you wouldn\'t mind I\'d still like to hear it via email or some other means. I\'m actually ordering it now, got preoccupied the other day and never ended up ordering. So I suppose I\'ll get to play with it Thurs. I like the look of your site, btw. Thanks,


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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    I\'m getting an Xtras error from the Director Player. I think it\'s looking for some part of QuickTime, which I have installed but for some reason the Director player can\'t do what it needs to

    [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] .

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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?


    I just completed a song using Xphrase. It\'s on my website www.darrenpasdernick.com. Go to the music section and click on the button named Tehama and then push the (P) button to play. The song was written for a fashion show video I produced for Clint Eastwood\'s golf apparel company (\'cause he doesn\'t have enough dough already [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) I used quite a few instuments on the song including FM Heaven, EWQL Gold, Atmosphere, and some custom drum kits. You can here Xphrase in the more edgy techy sounding bits (sorry for being so vague) Anyway, Xphrasse is really cool. I don\'t have time to program the thing and ashamedly admit to only using the presets but they are very, very good. Can\'t go wrong for a couple of hundred bucks! Please let me know if you actaully hear the composition because a few people have had problems with my site and I\'m pretty new to this web stuff.

    All the very best,


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    Re: Steinberg Xphrase mp3s?

    Mike and Houston,

    Thanks for trying. I appreciate it. Funny thing is that it works for some people and not for others. of course it works for me on my computers at home and the computers at work so it\'s hard to trouble shoot. I\'ll keep typing 1\'s and 0\'s till something gives!


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