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Topic: Nice Brass

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    Nice Brass

    Francesco Marcetti did this brass piece as a tribute to 9/11. VERY nice piece, very nice brass. It\'s posted in the Garritan forum, but I thought I\'d add it here for folks who may have missed it so you can hear the great brass samples:

    United We Stand

    Great work, Francesco.

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    Re: Nice Brass

    This peice was built entire with individual brass instruments in GPO. To my knowledge this is the first demo to ever build a large (15 piece) brass ensemble from individual brass instruments. No section samples were used. Here\'s a list of instruments he used:

    Piccolo Trumpet NV solo, Trumpet overlay, Trumpet 1 ens 1,Trumpet 1 ens 2, Trumpet 1 ens 3; Trombone ens 1,Trombone ens 2, Trombone ens 3, Trombone overlay, French Horn 2 solo, French Horn overlay F, French Horn 2 ens 2,French Horn 2 ens 3, Tuba solo 1 and Tuba solo 2.

    The piece starts with the 1st trumpet, then 2nd, then 3rd divisi. At about 1\'.04\'\' the three trumpets go on unison. The same follows with the horns the horns: which play divisi in the first part and then go on unison at 1\'.16\'\' circa (when you hear the horns glissandi) till the end, except the final chord where they return to divisi. The higher theme in the final part is played with the piccolo trumpet. The overlay patches were also used.

    Francesco named this piece \"United We Stand\" dedicated to the memory of Sept 11th and the victims who perished that day.
    Dedication note: the first theme is in minor C and it means the loving memory. When the solo horn start in major F at 0\'42\'\' it represents the pride and unity that starts to grow deeper in the soul.

    Thanks Francesco for sharing this and for the testament to that tragic day. Having lost some friends at the World Trade Center that day, this means a great deal.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: we\'ll post a midi file or song file to this piece soon.

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    Re: Nice Brass

    Whatever you call it, it\'s a well-executed piece and the samples sound great. Again -- great work Francesco!

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    Re: Nice Brass

    OK, on-topic then: I believe this is a very good demonstration of GPO\'s capabilities, great sound, great ensemble building with individual instruments. I wish it had been available when I started building my collection with AO, DD and many other libraries.

    Of course I can understand why this style of music is chosen for this particular subject, 9/11.

    But (very) personally I\'d prefer a lamenting duduk or violin, instead of the brass that I associate with military music. Please don\'t be offended by this remark, as I said, this is very personal. For me, this style stops at the arm crossed over the chest, and doesn\'t touch the heart underneath, where the true pain can be felt. 9/11 is a disaster in the lives of thousands of ordinary citizins, and it is being hijacked for political and military goals. For me, brass music underlines this, confirms this. Again, I am sorry for venting my feelings about this.

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    Re: Nice Brass

    I\'m sure Francesco had good intentions with the title. My interpretation of it is that humanity stands united in the face of adversity rather than the Conservative elite ganging up to crush malcontents. Who but Francesco can confirm or deny this?

    My problem with it is that, like so much modern music, it\'s tonal to the point of sentimentality. Unless you\'re writing for the media, there\'s no obligation to compose in such a redundant and conventional manner especially for something as emotive as 9/11. To be honest, it sounds like the underscore to a mawkish TV show.

    It\'s Francesco\'s business of course, but maybe he should think about fresh approaches. Reverence to something sacred doesn\'t always have to mean you use nice, inoffensive triads. Think of Messiaen\'s religeous music - deeply inspired by his Catholic beliefs, yet it\'s among some of the most violent and dissonant music of the 20th Century. The passion of its humanity reaches you whether you\'re religeous or not. He also uses plenty of brass, and, believe me, marching soldiers are the last things that spring to mind.


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    Re: Nice Brass

    Music creating ersatz emotion. A typical trait of a lot of late 20th/early 21st century art wherby the artist chooses a theme that will obviously touch a lot hearts and for that reason alone the theme is already half the art regardless of the quality of the music. 9/11 is a recent event that stirs emotions within many so why not use it as a theme?. How can the music possibly be criticized without seperating it from the subject matter?.

    Some might say emotional blackmail.

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    Re: Nice Brass


    Don\'t fret too much. I actually like some of Francesco\'s work and I respect him. He\'s probably the most accomplished practitioner of GPO - he did a string piece using the ensemble builder that was quite excellent.

    I just get a bit tired of the proverbial \"big horn piece\" written in the style of Copeland, Airforce One, The Natural, blah blah, again and again. It\'s either that or the \"big Celtic theme\". These have become THE cliches of our time. It\'s just psychological button pushing and it\'s becoming ludicrous. How the hell can a composer hope to develop a personal voice by rolling out this stuff?

    With a trillion colours in the orchestral sample palette, can\'t we start painting with slightly more subtle hues?


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    Re: Nice Brass

    The tribute still stands! No matter who turns out to be responsible, the people died and were killed by evil doers and I feel musical expressions and tributes are appropriate. Nice work. The brass samples have moments of wonderfull sound and some moments of sounding sampled to my ears. Nice work though. Thank you!


    While on the topic,
    Here is some of my tribute music for the Vietnamm documentary www.intheshadowoftheblade.com
    That war sucked too but it created some real heros in the process, many who I have gotten to meet in working on this project.

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    Re: Nice Brass

    On second thoughts, perhaps this Francesco-bashing is a little too strong for what is, I think, a sincerely intentioned piece. My apologies to the composer if he is reading.

    Perhaps Francesco should pay a visit here and tell his detractors to go to hell - although I\'m sure he\'s too much of a gentleman for that! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Nice Brass

    Originally posted by greatzed:
    ...There\'s something that sounds too triumphant in that song, and there\'s NOTHING triumphant about what happened on 9/11...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">
    Originally posted by Gary Garritan:
    Dedication note: the first theme is in minor C and it means the loving memory. When the solo horn start in major F at 0\'42\'\' it represents the pride and unity that starts to grow deeper in the soul.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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