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Topic: Electronica Drum libraries suggestions?

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    Electronica Drum libraries suggestions?

    I\'m looking to get a full featured electronica oriented drum/percussion library. What do you guys suggest for something with great sound quality/lots of stuff?

    I\'m considering the new Total Dance set. Any suggestions on what else should be considered?


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    Re: Electronica Drum libraries suggestions?

    Yes, the new Emagic drumsynth sounds like it will be really cool, but it might be a while yet before we can get our hands on it. Plus, you might not be a Logic user. I would recommend Waldorf\'s Attack. The only problem is that the company has gone under! But you can still buy this baby:


    Oh, and there\'s also the excellent RM-IV from Lin Plug:


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    Re: Electronica Drum libraries suggestions?


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