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Topic: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

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    Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    The first edition of the new Hamburg Steinway D virtual piano is now available for ordering with an introductory discount until the end of April. Currently we have it in Kontakt and Kompakt formats and will soon have the Giga version. If you haven\'t heard the demos yet, please feel free to visit www.milandigitalaudio.com/steinwaydemos.htm The Hamburg Steinway D resides in The Krannert Center for the Performing Arts\' Foellinger Great Hall. We have captured the beauty of the hall acoustics as well.

    Alan Russell has recorded a user demo for The Way You Look Tonight It\'s a great jazz rendition! No effects or EQ was added to the piano in this demo. You get this sound straight out of the box! There is also a good demonstration of how the piano sits in a mix with orchestra. The Chopin Romance from the first piano concerto shows a dazzling display of piano lyricism and technical virtuosity!

    A demo version of the Steinway will also soon be available from our site for Kontakt users.

    We also have two historic Gottfried Silbermann organ sample sets from 1721 and 1722 (among other organs and a harpsichord) available in Hauptwerk format. Hauptwerk is capable of polyphony of over 1000 and each stop is available individually so you are not bound to \"preset\" registrations as many other organ libraries are. Anybody who is wanting to experience all the quirks of an organ, including key action noise, blower noise etc., should check it out! In the future we plan to offer our organ sets in the GS3 format.

    Current projects we are working on include The Virginia Theatre\'s Wurlitzer organ and also the upcoming E.M. Skinner romantic organ with 50 stops! Please see our site for more info.

    Please send an email to me if you have any questions!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    Congrats and good luck with the piano!
    Demos sounds great.

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    Thanks a million Worra!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    The demos sound great! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] What is you ETA for the giga version? Any discount for those waiting for a giga version?

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    Hi fozzy! Thanks for the compliment! I\'m currently working with the samples in Giga, but I\'m debating waiting for the GS3 release as it will offer many more features suitable for this piano sample set and its release is so near. Also the current samples are in 24 bit, so GS3 will be perfect when it\'s ready! However should all go according to plan, the current Giga version should be done within the next month or so. (I\'m multi-tasking on a few other instruments now as well.) I plan to offer a separate introductory discount for the Giga version when it is ready so Giga users won\'t miss out on the discount! Glad you like the demos!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    The mp3 demos sound great Brett. But, for evaluating a sample library, there\'s nothing like trying it out on one\'s own system. Worra has made available to potential customers a demo of the White Grand consisting of all the C\'s plus two complete middle octaves. Are you considering doing the same?

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    Hi Blues West. A demo is in the works. I\'m considering three options.

    1: A downloadable demo consisting of one octave starting with middle C.
    2: A small fee (credited towards your purchase) for a cd to be mailed out with more notes, possibly similar to Worra\'s.
    3: Making the samples in 16 bit instead of 24 bit to make a larger downloadable demo.

    I don\'t have the server space to hold the size of the files even compressed with WinRAR, hence the reason for a smaller downloadable demo. Since the notes are all natural decays and not looped the size is very large.
    How does this sound to you (or others)?

    Thanks for your compliments!!!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    By the way, perhaps I should mention that I have my Bachelors and Masters degrees in piano and organ. I feel this definitely plays a crucial part in the piano programming since I constantly play it and check for realism in the response.

    We just used the Hamburg this past week in the studio for a cellist playing the Dvorák cello concerto. We put her virtually in Foellinger Great Hall!!! Here\'s a quick DEMO. Waves Renaissance reverb was added to the final mix to give some space to the cello which was recorded dry in the studio.

    This piano is a great tool for studios! We plan on using it for many recordings similar to this one. We\'ll be recording a singer this week as well with some Debussy. Should be very cool!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!

    Fine playing Alan! I could´nt expect nothing less from you after hearing some of your themes of your own site. Sound great. Congrats for both the player and the sampled piano developper!

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    Re: Hamburg Steinway D Shipping w/ Introductory Offer!


    I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to create a user demo for your Steinway Piano over the beta period and look foward in working with this well crafted sampled piano as being part of my keyboard arsenal.

    Your finished product is well suited for any genre and I hope that others enjoy working with it as much as I did. Wishing you great success in all of your future projects.

    Alan Russell

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