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Topic: Actually don't ignore this.....

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    Actually don\'t ignore this.....

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    Re: Actually don\'t ignore this.....

    actually, i still need help - i thought i figured it out. Is there a simple way to change the dynamic layers in GS Edit to the modwheel instead of velocity layers? I want to program my Kirk Hunter Violin so I can use the mod wheel for expression.....is this fairly easy to do?.....similar to the gpo programming...

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    Re: Actually don\'t ignore this.....

    After thinking about it, the gpo method was more intesive because it had attack samples for the notes and sustained velocity for the mod wheel....this may not work like I want it too with Gigastudio....I just want the dynamic of expression with the true samples, not a lower volume FF sample........

    So maybe this thread should be ignored unless I am just missing something......

    Maybe someone will chime in.....

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    Re: Actually don\'t ignore this.....

    I have hijaacked my own thread.......sad [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Actually don\'t ignore this.....

    Right now, changing these things around is a real pain. (fixed in 3.0 thank goodness)

    For now, you want to create a copy of each instrument, one for each velocity layer. Then reduce the velocity splits for each one, one at a time until you get it down to a single velocity split (the one you want that is) for each, soft-loud-louder etc. Labeling is very important here.
    When reducing, you will want to keep higher or lower cases (odd or even splits) as you go and you have to watch what your doing to make sure you keep the right ones as you go.

    When your done, you should have an instrument for each velocity layer with only that velocity layer. (single velocity instruments)
    Then, you can use the Combine Instruments feature to put them back together again using Mod-Wheel instead of velocity.

    Sorry for the trouble but that is the only way it works right now.

    Good luck

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    Re: Actually don\'t ignore this.....

    Thanks David,

    Yeah, that does seem like a pain, but I may give it a whirl anyway. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thanks!

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