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Topic: Samples? Educational Discounts?

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    Samples? Educational Discounts?

    Where is the best place to get esoftware and samples at educational prices? I am not trying to be cheap, I am college and would like to save some money if possible. If there isnt\' any educational places, where is the best place I can buy Opus 1 from at a good price.

    Sean Beeson

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    Re: Samples? Educational Discounts?

    For samples, call the developers themselves and order direct from them, I know some will give you them over the phone.

    For software, I buy all of mine from http://www.academicsuperstore.com

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    Re: Samples? Educational Discounts?

    Post Musical Instruments offers a special 40% discount to students and educational use of all Post Audio Media and Post Musical Instruments libraries, including the Grandioso libraries. Visit our website www.postpiano.com and follow the Student Discount link.
    Several other sound library developers hav such a discount (www.Scarbee.com for example).

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