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Topic: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

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    Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

    I guess what I\'m looking for is pretty straightforward, but I can\'t find it anywhere...

    In Sonar, let\'s say your doing a soundtrack for a movie, how do you deal with tempo changes/time changes between different scenes?

    Let\'s say my first scene starts at 00:00:00:00 at tempo 180 in 4/4. Then I have a part without music, and the a second scene which should start at 00:02:23:12, in 3/4 at 120.

    Up to now, I was creating a dummy tempo change before Scene 2 to adjust the Scene 2 starting time.

    But if I modify the tempo for Scene 1 later, I always have to readjust my dummy tempo change. And things get worst when you have 20 scenes... You have to adjust them all each time you do a slight change in tempo or time signature...

    I guess there is a feature to lock a measure with a certain time, without being affected by previous changes... But where is it??? I can\'t find how to do it...

    Or maybe you guys have better solutions to this problem?

    In the past, I use to have a single project for each Scene. But then I don\'t think it\'s practical because the director always decide to move music around, add something in the middle, etc. So I thought it would be better to have a single project file for the whole movie...

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Re: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

    I still think it is wise to score each scene/cue to its own project file. Otherwise, you run into problems that you are facing.

    I create a \'mix\' project -- and bounce down each cue as i progress and insert it in the mix project for when the director wants to review my progress. This works very well for me and my clients. Sure, at times it may seem to interrupt the flow, but it just makes you more aware of the music\'s direction, in a non-linear fashion.

    And if the director wants to make adjustments while he or she is there; simply open up that cue\'s project file.


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    Re: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

    Yeah, well I guess I don\'t have any other choices than to create separate projects for each cues. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Thanks for your answer SWL!

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    Re: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing


    A while back I scored Macarthur\'s park using Sonar. There are a few meter changes and 3 tempo changes. Sonar has faciltites for any of these meter or tempo changes. You have to map the measures out first and then apply the most significant instrument that utilizes these changes from your score. It\'s tedious but it works quite well. Your role as the conductor will penetrate these hurdles..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

    How do you deal with tempo changes within tracks themselves?


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    Re: Basic Sonar workflow for film composing

    Originally posted by Ed:
    How do you deal with tempo changes within tracks themselves?

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">If the midi tracks are seeing the change as one..this is fine but what may interfere in its final release is if the expressiveness is not connected to a rigid tempo as implied by the BPM set in Sonar for any given track. With the Jazz genre this is a piece of cake to execute due to the fact that the articluations are truly endless in their own expressed medium. Phrases can be back phrased by meany measures along with beats.

    Alan Russell

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