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Topic: Free Anklung Samples

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    Free Anklung Samples

    After all the kindness of all the people here, I decided to share my own giga sample, Giga Anklung Staccatos. They were just recorded in my room but I have kept the noise to a minimum. Also, please let me know if I did the sampling right because I have no experience nor enough knowledge about this area. I just did my best, that\'s all. You can download the gig file from my site:


    Here\'s a demo piece showing what you can do with the gig file:


    This demo song includes sustains which I cannot share as the samples are too large for my bandwidth to allow. The anklungs here are accompanied by PMI Bosendorfer 290.

    This is just to say thank you for the enjoyable moments I\'ve had in this forum. Enjoy!

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    What a cute song and nice instrument! Love it!
    Thanks very much for sharing this beautiful instrument. The download is running.

    - Mathis

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Pong Pong Ginapong really made me smile for the first time in the whole day [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (and it\'s 00:07 here)

    thx for the interesting intrument! downloading at the moment

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Very nice and uplifting, Nhick! So, how big are the sustain samples? There must be some way to get them posted! BTW, this is a nice--and different--showcase for the PMI Bosendorfer as well.

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Thank you for the replies! I must tell you I had a blast recording my first samples!

    The sustain samples amount to almost 280MB so it\'s too large to post in my website.

    I\'m in a rush for a 7PM appointment right now so I\'ll discuss further when I come back!

    Again, many thanks!

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Sounds great Nhick. I\'m going to download this now. Thanks for sharing man!

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Originally posted by Christian Obermaier:

    Very cool sound and great recording. One quirk though. Most of the samples have lots of silence ahead of the actual sound, which makes my playing sound even more sloppy than it already is.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thank you for that one! I\'m sorry about that flaw. Ok, I spent the whole evening trying to correct this. I have uploaded the updated file with the edited samples. For those who have downloaded already, I hope you don\'t mind doing it again and just save over the old file. The .gig file came down to 7.34MB (about 1/2MB lesser than the one I posted earlier) due to the edits. Same file name, same url.

    Anyway, thanks, Christian, for pointing this out and even offering to edit the files for me. If my edit won\'t suffice then I will have to take the offer.

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Hi Nhick

    really original and fine demo and samples.
    Thanks for sharing!

    which mics have you used for recording?


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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    The Demo is also very nice to listen to! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Free Anklung Samples

    Hi Nhick,

    I was just find working here with a bad attitude - and you come around here with a \'pick me up\' piece that actually brought a smile to my face. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Very nice tune - lots of fun. Thanks for the samples - very generous.


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