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Topic: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

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    OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?


    Can anyone help me choosing the best Tube/Amp plugin (direct X) for PC?

    I will use it for bass, guitar, etc.

    thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    Hey Scarbee

    Check out AmpliTube...It\'s the best sounding tube amp plugin I\'ve ever heard...I like it better than Amp Farm. http://www.amplitube.com/ It\'s VST, RTAS, and HTDM compatible.

    To be honest I haven\'t found a single Direct X plugin that sounds anything like a real tube amp. Revalver is horrible IMO. Just use a VST wrapper and AmpliTube...You won\'t be sorry!

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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    I agree, I dont think Revalver is all that good.

    Amplitude I\'ve heard tho, and I do like it. Its quite impressive.

    I still think that a combination of amp sim and mic sims (and possible convolution for some room ambience), can sound pretty good.

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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    If you want to try a free one, try Ruby Tube. You will need a wrapper, also available free.


    And if you want cheap:


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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    Thanks buddies! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    Hi, dwdonehoo.
    Where can I find a free vst wrapper? [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    Check out the Ruby Tube site (SilverSpike): they have links for wrappers. OBTW, their verb is not only excellent, but cheap too.

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    Re: OT: Best Tube/amp plugin (dirext X)?

    Steinberg\'s Warp is also worth a look (you could run it with a DX-VST wrapper) -- I\'ve got some fun results using the Vintaudio library. The drawback is that it only offers three amp models, so there are fewer combinations than Amplitube.

    Amplitube sounds pretty convincing, but is quite expensive, and I\'ve heard picky guitarists say some of the models sounds a little synthetic... It\'s great for those cliched guitar sounds, though! ;-)


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