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Topic: New music from me, featuring Roland Strings

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    New music from me, featuring Roland Strings

    First of all, a good cello section was always a weakness in my library, and strings could always use some help. However, I had the answer all along and did not know it. I bought the Roland Strings and Percussion collection mainly for the orchestral percussion (which is very good). I translated them into AKAI format, and did some tweaking because I usually do not like the ADSR settings of most libs. I auditioned the strings and did not like them all that much, but in hindsight, I was not very thorough and I did not try them in ensemble.
    Then Thomas_J came along and showed us some Roland Strings demos and I went, “What the….huh? I don’t remember them sounding that good.” So I tried some things and, “Dang! They DO sound good!” (Thanks Thomas.) So I dug up some old ideas and a few new ones and put together something to try them out and the link below is the result.
    Like Zimmer and Elfman, I come from a rock background, so subtle does not always come easy for me. In rock, there is loud and really really loud, and that about covers the dynamic range. So this song is me trying to be subtle. I may have overplayed the high strings a bit, but it all came out fairly well. The thing to listen for regarding the Roland strings is the high strings, orchestral section strings at the end, the CB and celli. The solo violin is not Roland. Most all of the timpani are SAMS. Brass is brought to you courtesy of QLB and Prosonus. Voices by VOTA Angels.
    Any questions, fire away.

    The song: “A Forgotten Memory (Karen’s Song)”

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    Re: New music from me, featuring Roland Strings

    Nice theme - but hard to have a good listen as the mp3 was rather distorted on my system. Not sure why.

    There\'s a nice mute violin solo in the Roland library - STR-Vl mut vb 1a - that\'s worth trying.


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    Re: New music from me, featuring Roland Strings

    Really lovely - I used a different MP3 player and no problems. My only reservations, or bumps for me, were the early woodwind samples, particularly the opening - the instrumentation sounded cloudy and \"unreal\". The only other bump was the violin in the last couple of seconds - too thin and metallic. Do try the Roland one I mentioned. But great music. Thanks.

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    Re: New music from me, featuring Roland Strings

    Craig_L Thanks for listening. I downloaded the MP3 and checked it out: sounds OK to me. Gave me a scare there. Perhaps your mp3 player is overdriving the audio? Try turning the MP3 player audio fader down.

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