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Topic: World Fusion demo-Bolder/VL-70m

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    World Fusion demo-Bolder/VL-70m

    Here\'s something I\'m playing with-a bunch of sounds from the Best of Bolder library with the VL-70m PM synth. I have just received my Roland AX1 with the pitch ribbon control, (and am adding the breath controller interface, for the MIDI melodica!) so I will be replacing the LFO vibrato with \'real\' finger-controlled vibrato in the next week or so, but I thought you might get a kick out of the concept.

    Warning, it\'s big (7.6 MB).

    Enjoy. Comments and criticism welcome.

    Pipe Dreams Follow the Giga link near the bottom of the page.


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    Re: World Fusion demo-Bolder/VL-70m

    Pretty nice. Reminds me I gotta give the VL70 some more excersise. The pipe organ is out of tune though!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] How do you record your VL70 parts - live to audio? Since the MIDI implementation is very lame, to say the least. Or do you use another synth as breath controller?

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    Re: World Fusion demo-Bolder/VL-70m

    Thanks, Simon-that\'s not a pipe organ, that\'s one of Dennis\'s granular files. I felt the detuning adds a nice touch, and puts it more in the World category. What IS out of tune is the hammered dulcimer-I pitched it down at the beginning of the section, but the higher octave needs still more bend to bring it in tune.

    AS for the VL70, I recorded that to my sequencer from the Kurzweil 2500 with breath controller. But it sure makes it difficult if you want to quantize anything, \'cause the note-ons are NOT necessarily the start of the note...

    In subsequent tracks, I\'ll be using the Roland AX1 with breath control merged in, to give me that true vibrato control.


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    Re: World Fusion demo-Bolder/VL-70m

    Simon,I have a VL70-m ..i record to cassette tape and then back into Cool Edit Pro ..line out....works like a dream with giga samples...Im a jazz man so need good solo lead horns....still learning about Wind synthesis.....draw in the controllers...

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