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Topic: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

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    Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    Hey all-
    I was wondering if any knew of any Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries available. They don\'t necessarily have to be Gigaformat...they could be Acid or anything of the like.
    I know that the StormDrum library is coming out sometime relatively soon (Fall of this year, if I recall...) but was curious if there was anything else like that around...

    If not...what are some good action oriented drum libraries? Not Techno, but action...

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    Percussive adventures is what you\'re looking for.

    There is also a tribal percussion/loop library out there, I forget the name of it.

    Heart of africa is great for adding big drums to your stuff from what I\'ve beeing hearing in peoples demos.

    I also find that BT\'s breakz from the nu skool is actualyl another little thing to have fun with layering.

    Stormdrums should be really cool too.

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    Cool. I have Percussive Adventures, but it\'s the audio version so I\'m going to have to break down and start going through each file to set them up as loops.
    Is there an faster way to do that?

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    Check these out percussion wall and Delta Grooves by numerical sounds, great for loop based. There are gig file demos and mp3 demos at the site.
    the DNA groove templates are excellent.

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    How can you guys live with using sampled loops? I know it must sound cool with an orchestral track, but the loops are already recorded. Don\'t you have the slightest feeling of unoriginality?

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    well if you limit yourself to being a geek that triggers a loop and thats it...then yah..its unoriginal, but loops can be tweaked, edited, stuttered, shelved, split, layered, filtered, recycled, the list goes on and on.

    Not to mention some of them can give you AWESOME \"licks\" that you can cut up and re sequence.

    PErc Adventures in the giga version especially can give many options for anyone who understands how to work with rhythmic samples. There\'s more that can be done than jsut \"hey let me hit this key....sounds good....wheeeee!\"

    And all that I\'ve stated above doesn\'t put me above using a loop \"as is\" when I have a project that someone wants done yesterday, then I have been known to resort to using DR loops as is.

    In the end if it soudns good it sounds good.

    Also if its good enough to be used in hollywood movies, then for the *WORK* I do, its good enough.

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    That\'s my golden rule too King - If it sounds good, it IS good.

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    Percussive Adventures and Ethno Techno are both really good for film type stuff. Percussive Adventures is so good but so overused - almost daily you can pick it out in some major films (or especially trailers). As far as itegrity of using loops, I used to feel the same way. I would never use a loop that I didn\'t make myself. But then I started getting more scoring work and saw the realities of it. If you\'ve got to crank out 15 cues by tomorrow morning, then trust me you\'ll be happy to have a few loops to get you going. Nobody else (besides other composers) really cares in the end - most people watch your show or film and think - \"hey this sounds good, sort of like _____\".

    Hope they\'re working on Percussive Adventures II.


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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    There´s a \"lite\" version of PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES. The Pro Samples CD Vol 04 - Percussive Loops. Its a \"nice price\" thing - 2 cds. One with audio/wav and one thats Akai.

    Some info:

    Bestservice.de had an Internet special before -
    3 Pro Samples titles for 105 Euro.
    Might still be there.

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    Re: Hollywood-style drum/percussion loop libraries?

    One small word of caution re: Percussive Adventures. If you\'re planning to bounce a mix down to mono, you might encounter some funky phasing issues in the PA-based parts of your mix.

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