This is a movement, which is part of a WIP suite describing the daily goings on of a vegetable garden, named "The Garden's Triumph." This particular movement describes a praying mantis whom happens to be a magician. He invites you into his humble hut, and, described for the first half of the movement, shows you around, does whimsical things, incantations, card tricks, shows you odd and mysterious objects. After a while, you become a bit unsatisfied with the trivial tour, and, at that moment, the mantis throws down whatever you were previously looking at, and directs you to look up. You follow his instructions, and you see something that fills you with awe. The hut has dispersed into thin air, and all you can see is the extensive universe, planets, shooting stars, a magical place that seems separated from reality. After his grand finale, which I imagine as the clashing of stars and worlds, you are enveloped in mysterious lights and an amorphous blur. All of a sudden, it all ends in a bright light, and then you are back where you front of the Mantis' seems to have vanished out of thing air...his final trick. Forever in awe, this mystery will remain a wonder to you, but among all, a surreal memory. This was made on Sibelius 7.5. I'd really enjoy some feedback, thanks!