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Topic: Is it just me...

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    Is it just me...

    .. or are the Sonic Implants String demos absolutely BEAUTIFUL?!?! I\'ve been biding my time, reading what folks are saying about Gary\'s excellent library, but I must admit that right now I\'m leaning strongly towards the SI strings.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    I liked the demos too. I have ordered a set and I will let people know what I think when I get them later this month.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    Couldn\'t agree more. Don\'t know about playability but the tone is really nice. The first sampled strings that grab me.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    WHAT? Are you serious?? The strings weren\'t THAT great. The only thing I liked were the marcatos in the violins. THAT was awesome. But other than that..... Gawd...

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    Re: Is it just me...

    When I get mine, I will make some demos and we shall see then...

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    Re: Is it just me...

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:
    WHAT? Are you serious?? The strings weren\'t THAT great. The only thing I liked were the marcatos in the violins. THAT was awesome. But other than that..... Gawd...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. To my ears, the SI legato demo was very warm, lush and smooth. But since I first heard the GOS strings, I detected a small sort of buzzy shrillness (for lack of a better word) to some of the legato and sustained notes in the demos. But whatever that slightly abrasive quality was, I don\'t hear them in the SI strings.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    Alright, alright. I just listened to them again, and I changed my mind after a deep listen. These strings are pretty damn nice. There\'s a certain air captured in the bowings, and it sounds like it\'s miced a little further away for that nice concert sound. The marcatos are actually played aggresive, and are the first in my opinion that sound REAL.

    I\'m sure this\'ll fill in the gaps for all the other strings libs. I\'ve been frustrated on midi orchestration due to it\'s limitation. I say this because I\'m writing out this western piece for the pro orchestra over here, and since I don\'t have to worry about sample limitations, I wrote woodwind decorations up the ying yang. I\'ve tried and tried to recreate these decorations with Gigastudio, but it seems that sampling technology is still in it\'s infancy. I can\'t wait to see what comes up in 5 years, since sampling technology has come so far.

    The only real sounding midi mockups I\'ve heard have come from Thomas and him alone. The best sampled orchestras I\'ve heard are Hans Zimmers own sampled LSO collection and Bill Browns stuff. I\'m sure James Newton Howard and various others have their own sample collection as well.

    I\'m sick of string collections popping up now, what we need is some killer brass. The only 2 I\'ve seen are QLB and Dan Dean. QLB so far has been the most helpful, and I haven\'t used DDSB ONCE yet. (huge *** hole in my wallet) I know I\'m totally off the subject, but I\'ve found that I compose better with the old fashioned pencil and paper. Please do not, \"fight back,\" my opinions, I\'m simply expressing my thought. You guys have been a seisse-load of help since the beginning, and if it wasn\'t for you guys, heck, I wouldn\'t have gigastudio or even heard of it. I hope that\'s some consolation for my ranting.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:
    and I haven\'t used DDSB ONCE yet
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Uh oh, that\'s not encouraging. I just ordered those today, along with some other libs. I have QLB as well and am hoping to round out my brass collection between DDSB, QLB, and believe it ot not AO.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    Well if its any help Ed

    i think DDSB is very usefull, but it needs a little reprogramming.

    As for SI, I like the sound alot. I also like GOS alot. The cellos are really nice in GOS IMO and the amount of articulations is of great use to me.

    The basses sound great in the demos for SI, much better than GOS IMO.

    The marcattos sound good, but they aren\'t my favorite part of the SI demos. I\'m anxious to hear the spiccattos and the sordinos. I have a feeling that the sordino\'s will sound really nice.

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    Re: Is it just me...

    QLB may be powerful with lots of articulations etc but even the individual samples themselves don\'t sound real. Hence when used they\'re the biggest giveaway to a MIDI-mockup. i would use DDSB a lot more if I were you.

    And yes SI strings sound great but with only one demo I\'m waiting for the other one first. GOS has just been updated however and it looks like these two will either fight to the death or join forces in you sample collection. Personally I\'m still trying to decide between the two.

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