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Topic: Mr King?

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    Mr King?

    How goes it? Trust all is well.

    Where are these art files you speak of?

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    Re: Mr King?

    eh taking a break today

    still in bed


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    Re: Mr King?

    Ah!! very cool, King. Thanks for the hard work!

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    Re: Mr King?

    How do you apply these art files to the samples anyhow?

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    Re: Mr King?


    explains how to use art. files to an existing gig file, in this case GRANDIOSO. The text is below, just replace Grandioso by the gig-file name you have an art. files for.

    Michiel Post


    The Grandioso articulation files represent an easy way to provide the user with fixes, modifications, and new features without the need to presets new hard copies of the complete .gig files on additional CD’s. Articulation files contain all the program data of a file, without the samples themselves. Since the sample data is not included, the files are quite small in comparison to the full .gig files. Be shure to save your own articulation files of an instrument when you have made changes to the original .gig file. To use the articulation files, download them to your Hard Drive and unpack them. The files are self-extracting. Just double-click an update file and it will start unpacking. You may wish to create a special folder for your articulation files.


    1. Open the Giga Instrument Editor.

    2. Load the .gig file you wish to update into the Instrument Editor by opening the \"File\" menu, choose \"Open,\" (select the location of the .gig file you wish to update on your HD), click \"Open.\"

    3. Open the \"File\" menu a second time, choose \"Load articulation file . . . ,\" (select location of the .art file with the corresponding name to the .gig file you wish to update), click \"Open.\"

    4. Save the updated .gig file by selecting \"File,\" and then \"Save.\"

    5. The save process may take as long as 25 minutes or more to finish, don’t stop this process as data loss will result!

    6. When you re-open the .Gig file the new features are available.

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    Re: Mr King?

    Yea, I did all that to the SAM trumpets, but I don\'t really see a difference in the samples. Perhaps you could give a brief description of each art. file.

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    Re: Mr King?

    Also jsut a word of warning. The GOS update is completeely early beta. I\'d suggest not using it. It was jsut to test something....and to be honest I cant even remember what I was testing within it... HAHAHAHA

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    Re: Mr King?

    \"I knew I shouldn\'t have posted links directly in other threads. There are descriptions in specific threads for specific art file updates. I\'ll bump the threads up.\"

    King, You need a business manager. (me!) LOL HA HA! With these guys spending hundreds, hell, over $1000.00 on libraries, you should be charging for your art files. C\'mon...man does not live on praise alone!!

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    Re: Mr King?


    I avtually thought about getting an ART file CD/download together and selling it for somethign like 29.95. But I want to make sure there are a lot of Sample CD\'s represented ebfore I go out to do anything like that. Which obviously means buying alot of Sample CDs, and then spending time doign the art files, and still trying to make money on my \"real gig\"...not too fun, which is the main reason I do ART files...fun (yah I\'m weird)

    Doing stuff for free does have its perks tho. People really enjoy it, Developers like it because it keeps their products \"fresh\", which in turns makes them like me, and sometimes adds its own perks, It starts to bring a sense of consistancy to libraries, which helps all users IMO. This also helps developers learn some new things and even think about putting htem in their future libraries.

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    Re: Mr King?

    There you go, King! Our own giga-Gandhi! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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