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Topic: Key tracking

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    Key tracking

    I can\'t seem to find the parameter in GS editor that controls pitch to key tracking. I converted some Roland orch percussion samples that on the Roland have a 5/8 setting for pitch to key tracking. In Giga they have a constant pitch across the keyboard range.I\'m sure someone here can help me out.


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    Re: Key tracking

    It depends on the way it was converted.

    It soudns liek it made seperate regions for each \"pitch\" but didn\'t do the tuning assignments. or the pitch tracking isnt\' on

    What you need to do is make sure pitch track is checked in the \"Mixer\" tab.

    Then make sure the tuning settings are set correctly in the \"Sampler\" tab.

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    Re: Key tracking

    Giga doesn\'t have a variable keytracking option as such. It only has a pitch track on/off siwtch. The way to emulate something like 5/8 tuning is to make a region for each key and tune each one. That\'s what King is getting at. I assume certain format converters will do this for you...

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    Re: Key tracking

    The instrument in question is the grongkas from the Roland orch percussion disk. I used Translator to make it a giga file. I checked the keytracking box in the mix page and it was on.
    This patch is made up of four samples, grongkas left and right and two bass drum patches which are used at lower velocity levels. The unity note on the bass drums is a flat line of the blue balls, the grongkas ramp up from low to high. In the roland format all samples change pitch with keytracking. I still cannot figure out how to emulate this in giga.
    I assume you do it with the unity note or do you have to tune each individual note. Bring on the tutorial.

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    Re: Key tracking

    Why don\'t you try doing the same thing with the blue balls on the bass drums as the translation has done with the \'grongkas\'. That should make both elements follow the keyboard, instead of just the grongkas.

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    Re: Key tracking

    That\'s what is stumping me, the grongkas don\'t track pitch on the keyboard. Oh well I\'ll just play them from the Rolands. Thanks for trying to help.

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