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Topic: Study Scores in the UK

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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    How about in the US as well?

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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    Check out Alexander Publishing in the US for the John Williams scores. They have a pretty complete catalog. I\'m not sure if he ships outside the country.

    Here\'s the link for their website: http://www.alexanderpublishing.com/

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    Study Scores in the UK

    Does anyone know a good place to get John Williams study scores in the UK?


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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    See also http://www.soniccontrol.com/books/williams_study.shtml

    Should be able to ship just about anywhwere.


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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    Originally posted by Hasen:
    Does anyone know a good place to get John Williams study scores in the UK?

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Here\'s our link for John Williams Scores. And we do ship worldwide.


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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    Thanks Peter, I did check out your site but was unable to find out the cost or time of delivery to the UK. Also the information about each score was virtually non-existent, I wanted to know more about which exact piece of music each one was.

    Ryan, I\'ll check your page, thanks.

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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    Yes, I had some JW scores sent by Peter to the UK.

    The service was very professional and timely. Can\'t remember the cost but I know there were a variety of options depending on how quickly you wanted it (and how much you were prepared to pay!)

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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    Thanks Mark, can you tell me which ones you bought? I\'m interested to know which versions of the pieces they are. For instance the Superman March has many different versions, some with extra parts and parts missing etc.


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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    1. With tare exception, all of the John Williams scores are main title or end credit. These are the STUDY SCORES ONLY, no parts.

    2. On newer scores, especially suites, we don\'t know exactly what\'s in the score until it arrives here. Hal Leonard is very weak about getting out that info.

    3. Shipping prices show up in the shopping cart. For the UK, we have two options, one through USPS and one through Airborne Express, who in the US now handles both our ground and air service.

    Either choice for the UK allows for the scores to be insured, tracked, and delivery confirmed.

    As of today, Across the Stars is still not released. Far and Away has been delayed because of copyist errors and is being reprinted.

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    Re: Study Scores in the UK

    I\'m aware that these are study scores/conductor scores, by parts I meant sections of music and not the individual instrument parts.

    The example I gave of the Superman march is because there are different length versions of it. Is it the Prelude and Main Title or just the Main title? The end credit is also very different.

    Its a pity that Far and Away is not currently available as it was a toss up between that and the Superman march. I\'m also tempted by the Star Wars deluxe score with five pieces from Ryan\'s place. Could be a good one to start with. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I see you also have that one Peter so I guess its down to who has the fastest/cheapest delivery.

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