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Topic: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

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    Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    Does anyone know what will be added / corrected in 3.0. I have heard more solid software protection. Anything else?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    how about hte mannual we have been hearing about for 3 years!

    or the magical CD tutorial that was going to into final production 3 months ago!

    what a joke. If you buy giga 3 you will be on your own just like you are now


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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    If you want some idea of what people have asked for in V3, check this thread out:;f=23;t=000033

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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    Right on, giggagagga!

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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    \"Right on gigagiga???!!!\"

    You\'ve got to be kidding. Personally, I don\'t like to align myself will nonconstructive whiners.

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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    No, he\'s right. Tascam hasn\'t been very helpful to me either. I emailed them several times several weeks ago and they still haven\'t answered back. Where in the hell is that tut. CD anyway?

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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    For the CD Tutorial, contact David Govett by writing david@davidgovett.com

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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    I just don\'t understand you guys screaming for tutorials and manuals etc. This piece of software is easier to operate than \"notepad\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ... sorry I just don\'t get it? All you guys are operating Logic Platinum without problems, but Gigastudio? nah... [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] If you have any questions, you\'ll most likely get an answer on this forum.

    \"Now with better software protection!\" Yippiee... that HAS to be the most exciting feature in an update ever...

    Sorry I guess I\'m just a little grumpy this morning. I was looking forward to a day on the beach, but instead it started thundering and I bet it\'ll start raining in a few too. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]


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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    ....makes me wonder...are there some extra cool features in the gigastudio, that are very hard to access..if not then I don\'t get it..what is there to learn?..as a sampler it\\s not really packed with features...crossfades, keyswitching and ussual ADSR\'s and filters and that\'s about it..
    now I\'m really curious what\'s on the tutorial cd?


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    Re: Giga Studio 3.0 improvements

    Yup, its not a monster. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ....well maybe if you\'re editing a huge GIG and you\'re computer doesn\'t like using HUGE chunks of RAM [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Its actually much easier than most editors on hardware samplers IMO. No freaking tiny LCD. Tho I dont have much experience with hardware samplers...if at all... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] But I\'ll take this editor any day over editing a patch on my XP-30

    Thomas J is right, its pretty easy IMO. And lex is right, it seems pretty \"basic\" for sampler features. The help file explains a whole bunch of things, if you need. I can understand people wanting a manual thats more \"laid out\" than a help file, but most people act as if it will be the end all/be all thing that will explain some sort of \"mystery\" behind the editor. I doubt it will. The Tut CD may do that more, but I would think it would teach more about sampler features in general, while just focusing on GS.

    ex: \"To control the filter with a Real-time CC, do this. The different filter options are......this one does this......try it....see....this one does this...try these settings....see\"

    If you dont understand what filters do, then do a little search on the net about them, you\'ll find a whole bunch of info on them. IMO you\'ll probably get more info from this thana manual anyway. I got a manual with an editing piece of software FULL of effects on the MAC. It had one-three line descriptions of each each effect and what it did. The book was still pretty huge, and while informative, it left more questions to be answered.

    Anyhow, yes a manual would be nice, its not something to bitch about like its some sort of MAJOR ignorance on nemesys\' part. Its a missing part of the product for sure....but uhm...I\'ll take time spent on new features that developers may be able to use and make better libraries with, over a new manual for a public that mostly wants everything out of the box anyways.

    lex, I dont think there are any real hidden features, but there are some cool things that you can do if you REALLY think about it. Things I wouldn\'t expect to be in a manual or a tutorial CD anyways, jsut because they are \"tweaker\" techniques [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] . Some way out there ideas can be realized with Gigastudio (and I cant wait for giga 3, for MORE way out there stuff). I\'m gonna need more computers and MORE RAM!!! so I can load up more samples.

    As for features, common ones that we\'ve been asking for, that I expect are:

    More dimensions. The possible addition of the \"random sample\". Full ADSR control in real time. More MIDI CC selection options. More NFX and/or other FX integration. Better/more crossfade options. Better Keygrouping options.
    More LFO options. Longer Start offsets. Better Release trigger controls. More output routing options when capturing to wave. 24 Bit support.

    These are just things I expect, not because I know whats going on, but because they are things we\'ve been asking for, and I think most of them the team can do in this next big upgrade. As well as a few I couldn\'t think of.

    I\'m sure there will still be a few deatures I\'d liek to see that wont happen.....like offline MIDI render........one that wouldn\'t requiere gigs to even be \"fully loaded\" into giga (yummy yummy!!!). Talk about truly not based RAM requirements.

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