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Topic: DD Brass Ensembles

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    DD Brass Ensembles

    I noticed that Dan\'s site now shows a cover picture for the new brass ensemble library on the home page. It also says \"coming soon...\", but there\'s no link to more information. Unless I\'m just not seeing it. Has anyone else discovered a link to possible info such as content, price, release date?

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    Re: DD Brass Ensembles


    I had received a response from Dan a month ago that mentioned it should be out soon. At that time he was waiting for duplication. Is that correct Dan.

    Can we expect to hear some demos and see some pricing? With Kirk Hunter\'s library on the horizon, I need to make some tough decisions (buy yours now or wait for Hunter\'s).

    I respect your libaries that you have produced to date. Can you release the demo and pricing information on BE soon. Thanks in advance.


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