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Topic: OT: using orchestrators...

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    OT: using orchestrators...

    I was wondering if anyone has experience working as or with orchestrators in the realm of film or game music. I\'m not looking to hire one right now--just interested in educating myself, learning as much as I can before the need arises.

    I\'m a composer of electronically-produced soundtracks, without training in orchestration. I am living well outside of LA (Oregon to be exact) but may find myself working on some projects in the near future that require a full orchestra to realise. I never see anything in print about the world of pro orchestrators--why is that? Where can I find some information about these mystery folks?

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    Re: OT: using orchestrators...

    Contact me privately. I was teaching orchestration e.a. in Europe.

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    Re: OT: using orchestrators...

    This is a very small world. I saw that you are in Springfield Oregon. I havent met anyone on this forum from Oregon. It nice to know Giga is getting around. Please contact me


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    Re: OT: using orchestrators...

    You can write me, too, for orchestrations.

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