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Topic: To Nick Phoenix from QL G&B user

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    To Nick Phoenix from QL G&B user

    Hi Nick,
    I just bought a giga copy of QL G&B to work on a project. I am very happy with most of the patches but a couple of them leave me puzzled and I hope you can help me figure them out. :
    -The beatles chords patch would be brillant for my project but I found that all samples have a distortion glitch (I tryed editing the samples but the sample is fine, it seems the recording actualy clipped) that makes the patch unusable and makes me very sad. Any comments or ideas?
    -The fender clean chords sound awsome but for some reason, there are only 3 major chords (all minor chords are present thow)witch again make the patch very hard to use. How come? Are you plannig on releasing an uptade patch for this?

    Solving those problems would really help me appreciate the quality of my investement and make me a extemely happy user.


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    Re: To Nick Phoenix from QL G&B user

    yah, i\'d like an update on this library too. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: To Nick Phoenix from QL G&B user

    I have to admit that I have no plans to update this library. It was done pre-giga and I converted it to GIGA 5 years ago. I couldn\'t fix those samples without re-recording the instruments. But, I\'ll take another look at it.

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