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Topic: VOTA - whispered vowels?

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    VOTA - whispered vowels?

    Hey all,

    Yet more questions. Any pointers for achieving whispered vowel effects? I have VOTA and really dig it, but whispered vowels would be a cool effect to pair up with the pitchless consonants.

    Mr. Phoenix, any plans for such an add-on?


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    Re: VOTA - whispered vowels?

    That would be cool. Carmina Burana uses whispered vowels in the soft bit.

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    Re: VOTA - whispered vowels?

    Yeah! You\'re right, come to think of it. I\'ll bet they could be made to match right up to most of the existing consonants. It would definitely make for a purchase-worthy add-on.


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    Re: VOTA - whispered vowels?

    Yep, I\'d buy it as a small add-on.

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    Re: VOTA - whispered vowels?

    LOL! Carmina Burana! I have been listening to ORFF and CB to death lately, and it is all VOTA\'s fault! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (Carmina Burana, ORFF, Herbert Blomstedt, San Francisco Symphony and Chorus). I have been working on the third installment of \"Bob\" and I want it to be very \"Orff\"-like in places. VOTA will be so fine for this. But I do not want to screw it up so I have been listening to CB to pick up some devices and orchestration pointers.
    Yeah, any addition to VOTA would be welcome. I am a little choir nutz anyway.
    (OBTW, many Masses have great choirs, like Beethoven\'s Missa Solemnis (Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan), and we cannot forget Requiem by you-know-who.)

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