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Topic: Fast legato strings -- GOS only?

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    Fast legato strings -- GOS only?

    Hey all,

    I\'m considering my next library purchase in the orchestral area, and I\'d like to find a way to cover rolling legato slurs in the string section. For example, I\'m trying to avoid the choppiness found in the scalewise cello line in this little bit that I\'ve posted about elsewhere:

    I\'m attracted to the Prosonus collection, because of its variety, and I\'ve seen the posted lists of instruments it includes. Has anyone had any luck squeezing this kind of articulation out of it, or can this only be achieved with something like GOS?


    (PS - I don\'t really mean to keep posting references to my silly demo, it\'s just the only thing I\'ve had time to do very recently!)

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    Re: Fast legato strings -- GOS only?

    I was messing for the first time with GOS the ALL violins patch, and wow, I wish I discovered that about a month ago. With this library you can create amazing things if done right. The violas and cellos, AND double basses are all incredible. The only thing I have trouble with is the amount of memory it takes. But if you manage it wisely, it\'s well worth it. Trust me, GOS is the way to go. But if you don\'t believe me, check out Simon\'s demos as well as mine at the GOS site. It can do fast lines realistically. But I\'d praise it more, but I gotta shower. Smell like poo.

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    Re: Fast legato strings -- GOS only?

    GOS can do nice fast writing. Damon also did a piece with fast writing, which he posted here recently (topic was something with ACTION PIECE). I think SI Strings will be able to work well for fast passages too.

    Aaron - poo? Been messing with those pigs again?! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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