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Topic: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

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    Metamorphosis in Kontakt


    I recently purchased a few of the Spectasonics products---which are absolutely amazing!

    Being that the others are Virtual Intruments, I am wondering if it is \"normal\" for me to get a slighlty lesser audio quality frrom Metamorphosis when I open it from Kontakt in Cubase SX. The wave files on the data disk B seem to be better than when I import.

    I realise that this is a Giga library....do some giga libs open better in kontakt than others? I do own GS, but my sound card wont support it, would i get better resulkts that way?

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    Hi Metamorphosis is 16bit compared to some vst\'s that are probably 24bit but I doubt you\'d notice the difference.

    I\'ve converted Meta to Kontakt and it sounds fine. Very handy having it already bussed into the mix too.

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    what im doing is opening the giga files via the direct from disk plugin....should i be saving them as \'native instrument \' files as opposed to opening the gig files?

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    Yeah, convert them over, there are no complex mod-wheel crossfades or keyswitching in Meta.

    I dont know for sure, but you may find they act better as a native Kontakt file rather than using the method your describing. I\'ve never tried to open Gig files that way.

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    Thank you to all who posted replies.

    I converted them to kontakt instruments and then used some eq to add some presence to them.

    I can\'t wait for \"Stylus\" to arrive...I just ordered that one last week. I hear it\'s really \'user-friendly\' and that it is for more than just dance/techo/rave type stuff. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    Sometimes importing giga into kontakt changes parameters.(Amp Vol.,release times,etc..)maybe check to see that everythings \"normal\" when u open up a patch..Rich

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    Re: Metamorphosis in Kontakt

    if you import using Kontakt 1.5.2 you shouldn\'t hear much of a difference, but velocity response will be different, and cn cause volume discrepencies.

    Older versions of kontakt may cause problems with the filter module converting improperly or not at all. Causing a differemce in sound.

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