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Topic: Has anyone tried Charlie organ??

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    Has anyone tried Charlie organ??

    Hey I am thinking of Buying
    Charlie VST plug,
    I went to the illio and heard
    the demo and it sounded great!
    They did not list which organs were sampled
    anyone know???

    Can anyone please give me a review of Charlie
    and how does it hold up to B4
    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Has anyone tried Charlie organ??

    Sounds better than anything else out there, but you are stuck with the drawbar configurations they sampled and it\'s on or off for the leslie, no speed up and slow down and no realtime drawbar control. they do have crossfade programs to fake this stuff, but it\'s not the same. I wish they has more rock drawbar settings and more distortion.

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    Re: Has anyone tried Charlie organ??

    Thanks for the reply!
    Is there a lot of variety in the sounds?
    Did they sample a Farfisa?

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