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Topic: Multi-library demos

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    Multi-library demos

    I\'ve uploaded a few new demos to my site. They definately support the theory of mixing and matching various libraries in order to get all the needed articulations.

    Uses VSL strings
    London, VSL and Gtown percussion
    VSL, Dan Dean and SAM brass
    Westgate Woodwinds (a little at the end)

    Opening Credits
    Uses GOS Strings
    London percussion
    Dan Dean ensemble horns
    Westgate Woodwinds Piccolo
    Sam Trombones
    Dan Dean solo violin
    Dan Dean solo trumpet

    Closing Credits
    Uses Dan Dean ensemble horns
    GOS Strings
    SAM Trombones
    Dan Dean solo trumpet
    Ultimate Timpani
    London percussion
    Gtown percussion (this film needed those toms)

    It fades at the end because the original crossfades with a rock song.

    The last two cues also feature multitracking a single singer for the vocal effects.

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    These are very impressive. What movie are these for?

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    They both have pending distribution deals. I\'ll let you know if they get released. It\'d be cool to walk into Blockbuster and pickup something with my name on it.

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    Cool stuff!

    Sounds pretty dramatic. Horror ?

    The opening credits is my favorite.

    Who did you use for the choir ?

    Good luck with the distribution deal [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    That\'s actually me doing the vocal parts on my trusty VS-880. I\'ve done it on a couple soundtracks now. It\'s becoming a trademark.

    It\'s kinda fun doing these low-budget horror films. They seem to have the most potential for dynamic range. It does get challening after awhile though to come up with something unique for \"creepy, scary tension, etc.\"

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    Greate Music and Sound!!,
    Could you explain a bit your \"Mix\" process??


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    Re: Multi-library demos

    If you\'d like to see how I\'ve got my systems setup with routing and reverb and what not you can get some info at my site

    Gigastudio Demos by Timzydee

    Other than that, if you can ask a more specific question I can try to answer it.

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    I love the fact that you still use the VS Timzy,

    My 16 is still always getting use with verbage and input manipulation (mic sims, etc)

    Stuff sounds great, as usual!

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    VS rules, man! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Mine still gets all sorts of use. It\'s a good piece of gear.

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    Re: Multi-library demos

    It\'ll be interesting to see if Gigapulse replaces the VS-880 for my reverb. it would simplify my setup and hopefully it\'s not to taxing on the system\'s processor.

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