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Topic: GPO Horn Demo with MIDI and other files

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    GPO Horn Demo with MIDI and other files

    Last week on the Northern Sounds GPO Forum we posted Francesco\'s horn demo including the MIDI file, Cubasis/Cubase file, GPO Studio file, and Overture file. This demo was made with the 8 individually programmed French Horns in GPO. I have received requests to repost those files in this section.

    Here is the mp3 files:

    As you see from the file, each horn plays its own part with individual entrances,intonation and dynamics. No sections were used.

    Here is the MIDI FILE (use the GPO Studio file below for use with Finale or Overture, or set up one instance of the Player):

    Here is the Cubasis/Cubase/Nuendo file:
    CUBASIS FILE. We\'ll see what we can do to get a Sonar and Logic file posted soon.

    Here is the OVERTURE notation file (We will try to get a Finale and Sibelius file posted soon):

    Here is the GPO STUDIO FILE :

    To play this file you only need P3/P4 with Win98/XP, or a G4/G5 computer with OSX, and one instance of the GPO Kontakt Player is needed and here is the instrumentation in slot order:

    1. French Horn 1 Ens 1
    2. French Horn 1 Ens 2
    3. French Horn 1 Ens 3
    4. French Horn 2 Ens 1
    5. French Horn 2 Ens 2
    6. French Horn 2 Ens 3
    7. FHorn Overlay F
    8. FHorn Overlay FF

    From the above files you can see how Francesco weaved his magic with the GPO horns.

    Thanks Francesco for sharing your work with us.

    I hope you will find this helpful and instructive. We will be posting more of these soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Horn Demo with MIDI and other files

    Thanks, Gary. The horns sound great.

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