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Topic: Need help please.

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    Need help please.

    Hello. I\'m new to this and so if I am posting this in the wrong place, please forgive me.

    I am in need of a composer to do the music for a one-two minute 3d computer animation. It would just be music, very basic, perhaps even just a little background piano melody or something like that. I would obviously put your name in the credits, but I am not able to actually pay.

    If anybody is reading this and is able to or willing to do it, OR if you know anybody that could possibly be interested. Please...please let me know.



    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    Re: Need help please.

    What is this animation for and what\'s it about?

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    Re: Need help please.

    The animation to sum it up in a brief sentence or two, is about a man who builds birdhouses. But we find out that he builds them to attract birds so that he can stuff them and add them to his stuffed bird collection. It\'s just short, again like minute or so animation, and it\'s just a quick little gag/turn-around.

    The animation is for a college 3d animation project. Students that go to our college have to do one 10-week project, and then one 20-week project. This is just the short 10-week project.

    Just looking to put have some sort of music to tie it all together. It\'d be more of a bouncy kinda cheerful..morning-ish bright day kind of feel.

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