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Topic: How Do You Do This In Giga?

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    How Do You Do This In Giga?

    Thanks guys for entertaining another newbie question.

    When layering sounds of like instruments on two ports, often one library sounds an octave lower or higher than the other.

    Is there a quick way of correcting the octave difference short of using the tuning slider (which is a major pain to calibrate perfectly). Does this mean going into the editor for something this simple?

    BTW, a great feature request would be if Giga allowed us to hold down a modifier key when moving the tuning slider to change into precise increments. This is how Pro Tools handles slider movements for increased precision...

    Thanks again...

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    Re: How Do You Do This In Giga?

    You do need to go into the editor to transpose notes accoring to keymapping. If you just use the tuning slider in Giga you are in fact pitch bending the note.

    consider the Editor actually part of Giga. Just the same as you would have to do a similar type of edit in most hardware samplers.

    oh and for fine tuning.

    Use the Arrow keys on the keyboard. l/r is the pan slider. Up down is the volume fader, ctrl l/r is the tuning slider (or whatever you map the top slider to)

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    Re: How Do You Do This In Giga?

    Hi Tom

    If you go to www.biggagiggas.com there\'s a small how-to about just this.

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    Re: How Do You Do This In Giga?

    Thank you so much guys.

    KING: I may be spoiled by the Roland stuff....changing ocatves is all done right at the Performance level. No deeper edit pages involved [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Thanks for the tip on the keyboard shortcuts!

    Worra.....Am on my way to check out the tutorial.

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