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Topic: Building system for Giga

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    Building system for Giga

    I have many dilemnas when I think of building a Giga machine :

    1 ) Which sound cards ? (not expensive and with GSIF support for Windows XP)
    2 ) SCSI or IDE?
    3 ) 1 or 2 Hard disks?
    4 ) Which Hard disk size?
    5 ) AMD or Pentium 4?
    6 ) 512Mb RAM or 1GB?
    7 ) Speaker set (Digital like the Creative Inspire), or Hi-fi system plugged through analog?
    8 ) Earphones or speakers?


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    Re: Building system for Giga

    Here is mine:

    audiophile 2496 for GS
    RME 96/8 for Logic Audio
    Asus P4B, P4 1.8Gig, 1536 Mb, 2 IBM 60 Gig IDE, Asus CD, Teac floppy, speakers and headphones, XPPro, speakers and headphones.
    Works like a charm.

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    Re: Building system for Giga

    Thanks Jeannot!


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    Re: Building system for Giga

    I think the most important thing is having two fast hard drives (I have two IBM ATA 100 at 7,200rpm). I\'ve got 768MB memory (dirt cheap right now, so you can get as much as you want).

    I also have the Audiophile 2496 and I think it\'s really excellent - no problems and it\'s cheap. (giga doesn\'t seem to want to tell me that the drivers are OK though - a bit strange)

    I have a set of of Videologic Sirroco speakers. Absolutely fabulous for the price (only $250 - and if you\'re flush there are the Sirocco Pros for $900 - plus you get AD coverter thrown in). I can\'t recommend these speakers highly enough. You can certainly find better speakers but nowhere near the price (they\'ve won a sackful of awards in Europe) - worth looking at reviews anyway, and certainly better than a lot of so-called high-end hi-fi.

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