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Topic: The best string quartet

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    The best string quartet

    I\'m looking for the best solo violin, the best solo viola and the best solo cello available today for classical music.
    I can use both Emu Eos (Roland-Akay) or Giga format.
    I don\'t care about the price because I want the best solo strings.
    Anybody in this forum can help me to find the \"best string quartet\"?
    Any hint or tip is welcome: thank you to everybody.
    P.S. Vitous solo instruments in Gigaformat are really better than Vitous solo instruments in Emu format (I have already the Emu format)?

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    Re: The best string quartet

    I have always been impressed with the demos of XSamples:
    See pages 12,13,14.

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    Re: The best string quartet

    Dan Dean\'s sound nice and work well for slower things, I think. Don\'t own them, but heard them briefly.

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    Re: The best string quartet

    At first I liked Miroslav\'s string instrument solos, but I find that I like Dan Dean Solo Strings much more, especially the cello. They stand out really well on their own, but they kind of have slow refresh. Thank goodness there are different gigasamples for pizzicato, legato, trills, the basics. I suggest you check them out.

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    Re: The best string quartet

    Hello Lee,
    i made the demos for the Xsample library.
    Thanks for the compliments, but I don\'t want to mask any bad things, because there are no bad things in the library. Try to expermiment with new ideas. You can see things positive or negative. I think its more creative to see things or samples or sounds or music or life positive.

    Have fun,

    Yours Xsamples

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    Re: The best string quartet

    That was deep.

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    Re: The best string quartet

    I\'m really glad that the \"great\" Hans-Josef Winkler is interested in this topic.
    I own the entire XSample collection - both in Emu and Giga format - and I think that, on the whole, it\'s one of the best solo instruments sample collection today available.
    In my opinion, one the best instrument of the collection is the violoncello vibrato - vol. 7 -that is much more useful and \"usable\" of the \"other\" cellos of the series.
    So I wonder - and I ask him - why the XSample team doesn\'t provide us with a violin and a viola vibrato of such quality and level.
    About Dan Dean Solo Strings I find them not very useful in fast passages - and this is a common problem with solo strings samples due to the slow attack.
    Well, let me know if I\'m wrong and if anybody has compared Vitous solo strings in Giga and Emu format.

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    Re: The best string quartet

    Hello starobin,
    we will think about violin and viola natural vibrato. But at this moment we work on our new flute volumes. It will have the possibility to fade beetween non vibrato and natural vibrato.



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    Re: The best string quartet

    Hi Hans-Josef,

    A while ago you told us that the upcoming Flute volume will not be released soon (end of the year?).

    Now that you\'re working on it, can you perhaps be more specific about the expected release date?

    I guess there will be lots of interest in this new instrument!

    Regards and thanks for the beautiful harp!

    Peter / emano

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    Re: The best string quartet

    Hi Peter,
    Xsample\'s flute volume comes end of this year.



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