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Topic: Answer me please...

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    Answer me please...

    Alright, I\'ve had Gigastudio awhile, and I\'ve been using plug-in reverbs which suffice for the moment, but I want to use my kurzweil internal effects box for the reverb. How do YOU guys route your Giga setup so that you can use your reverb effects boxes? I have a Gina 24/96 and Win 2000. I have analog and digital in\'s out\'s on both my kurzweil and Gina. HELP ME, I want reverb. Moozik suks with no reeverbb.

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    Re: Answer me please...

    I\'d use a mixer, and mostly use AUX sends from the mixer to a reverb and back tot he mixer.

    but right now I use my VS-1680 to route to its internal FX.

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    Re: Answer me please...

    I don\'t have one, and I can\'t afford one. Any other alternatives?

    Thanks anyway King.

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    Re: Answer me please...

    I wish I had another solution, but I ran into the same problem myself trying to incorporate a lexicon mpx110 into my setup. At the time I found a nice little mixer for like $45 on sale (and I\'m sure you can find this still around), its a Behringer 602a and it does have an aux send/return on it.

    Since then I\'ve added larger behringer mixers, but the small one is still being used in the setup regularly. Simply put, if you want to incorporate a hardware reverb, the only real way to make that work is via an external mixer. The good news is, you don\'t need a great one, and for 50 bucks or less (well, minus cables [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] ) you can get a decent one.

    (btw I haven\'t posted on any of yer recent work, but I really like the demos you\'ve posted so far, great work!)

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    Re: Answer me please...

    Thanks a lot! Gosh, MORE STUFF ME NEED TO BUYS? Geez, I thought I was finished with the spending part, but the music making industry is pricy, ugh... Well, I\'m not at all familiar with mixers, and how I\'d route it. How would I route my Gina with the mixer, and talk to me like I\'m an idiot.

    Really...I am an idiot.

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    Re: Answer me please...

    well realistically there IS...or rather SHOULD BE a way to route to your Kurtz

    It jsut deepends on how many outs you have and how you\'re monitoring playback...and how many inputs there are on the Kurtz....and if you can route effects to the input

    anyhow...theoretically, if the connections and routing can be done...

    you should be able to. Output giga to two outputs of the Gina, connect those outputs to the Kurtzweil Input, use the Kurtz\'s effects set up to mix in reverb. Send the output of the Kurtz to whatever you\'re monitoring on, and boom you\'re done....I think

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    Re: Answer me please...

    But I want to record the reverbed sound back into the Gina, and than I would have that processed signal coming back out of the Gina to my stereo. Ugh, this IS frustrating. Thanks again anyway King!

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    Re: Answer me please...

    welll it depends on what you use to record.

    You can actually mute the recording playback in some apps.

    this way you still record, but the signal doesn\'t passthrough and create a feedback loop.

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    Re: Answer me please...

    Yea, I know that part. That\'s how I\'m recording my stuff so far. I\'m hooking up the outputs 1, 2, from the Gina to the Gina inputs, and than I mute the Gina outputs 1, 2 to prevent feedback. So I guess the only way is to go from Gina, to Kurz, than back to Gina, and mute the tracks and hope for the best.

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    Re: Answer me please...


    I was just looking at the manual (p21) where they talk about the software control console. It says that \"Below the input channels are the input monitor controls. The input monitor controls allow you to monitor the input signal via any of the available outputs on your Gina24.\"

    Wouldn\'t this mean that you could go from Gina (Out 1/2), to Kurz, than back to the Gina inputs, and then monitor this input signal on (say)Gina outputs 3/4 to your mixer, with no feedback?

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