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Topic: POP BRASS: any hope?

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    POP BRASS: any hope?

    Hi People!
    Is only me, or nobody needs a TRULY usable POP Brass library ever???
    There´s so much good (OK, maybe not enough) classic oriented brass, but why not Pop? Please, don´t take me wrong, QLB is the closest to the real one, but needs a pair of fff trumpets. Yes, DD Brass have 1 fff Trumpet, but a pop player gives even more \"splat\" to this sound. Close, but not enough...
    Sample developers: Look around, there are almost any instrument covered (acoustic or electric) now with so much sucess, PLEASE give me an usuable pop brass section!!!!
    Best Regards
    Jose Pereira
    PS, Please, excuse my poor english...

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Hey now,

    I also have been looking for a pop library [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I have a few
    Brass Super Section and Phantom horns being the ones not commented on much here.

    They are good, but not great. Dan Dean is the only one with ALOT of bite, but as you said, its more suited to orch brass, than Pop.

    Sonic Implants is workign on one, as is Big Fish audio. Those are the only two I know of mentioned publically. The sonic Implants one was mentioned as a full pop brass I believe, and all we know of the Big fish one is a sax demo, so It may jsut be saxes.

    I planned to do one at one point, but that fell apart due to $$$ reasons.

    If I ever do it again, I\'m going back to the drawing board and will most likely do the samplign a bit more unorthodoxed. Since there will be atleast two pretty good \"regular\" libraries out.

    I do like Phantom Brass BTW. Its usable, but i bought it in Audio format, and it requires MUCH editing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Still since its audio I get to desing my own programmming techniques for it. (tho most of the techniques are just in my head, I haven\'t done any MAJOR programming yet).

    Brass super section is pretty nasty tho. Some of the secitons sound like they were the same instrument recorded twice (or three times) and just panned left and right. It sounds more like chorusing than a section. Also try collapsing the stereo feild on them... YUCK. Pan to one side, and its \"hey where\'d the ensemble go)

    Still the Bass Trombone on it is pretty Sweet. LOTS of bite. Might be great to double with DDSB. Haven\'t tried yet. I should [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    With Dan Dean SB, maybe it might be nice to try and reprogram it to work with pop music more. The \"splat\" could possibly be simulated with an attack envelope and filter envelope. hmmm.. an art file idea [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Dan? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Jose, it\'s not just you. A number of us on this forum have requested Pop/Jazz/Big Band brass for awhile now. There have been a few nibbles, but nobody has announced a commitment to doing this.

    Keeping in mind a good number of Giga users don\'t use this site because it appears to be primarily for film-score people, I\'m sure there is a significant market for this (one of my primary studio operator rivals in the Monterey area just bought Giga after hearing my piano recordings, and has already asked me where he can find Pop horns-but he doesn;t use the Web, so you;ll not hear from him here...

    It\'s not your English, which is at least good if not excellent-but all together now...

    I WANT MY POP BRASS LIBRARY!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    King, isn\'t Phantom a licks library?

    And I sure hope Big Fish is doing sax sectional material. I hope, I hope. (Click your heels together three times, Dorothy, and we\'ll play a Toto CD!)


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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Phantom is licks and sustains.

    It does have a problem with it is lack of dynamic layers/velocities.

    I do like QLB better for a few things.

    I also have VR sounds Tenor and its quite possible that I didn\'t get all the programming or something. Its just very out of whack in that arena. However the tone is very nice. The loop points are pretty terrible tho.

    Still its the best in terms of \"tone\" that I have.

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Hi KingIdiot!
    First of all, THANKS A LOT for your help in the other subject (PB and MOD wheel into DDBS). They worked perfectly to my needs. Thanks again!
    Uhm, I also have the Brass Super section CD and I think is almost useless for its reduced range. And its timbre isn´t good enough... Phantom Horns? Does it have at least 1 solo trumpet with a more bright tone than QLB? If so, it could be an excellent match to the DD Trumpet NV.
    KingIdiot, did you listen to the BOB brass? is the trumpet a little more bright than the QLB?
    By the way, I also have the VRsound saxes and they´re awsome but as solo instruments playing soft or mellow, cool jazz, but its sound is amaizing! I fooled two sax players in a row with it...
    Thanks again and let´s pry one more time: gimme pop brass...Lord, gimme pop brass, amen
    Best Regards
    Jose Pereira

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Does anyone have Chronic Horns?
    Is it any good?
    I think It\'s multisamples and licks like Phantom H!
    Jason Miles Psychic Horns?
    Somebody said It\'s very good! (I can\'t remeber whic forum... can be Sonic Control)
    East Collection Horns & Brass? Do you like It?

    And I wish someone does jazz flute someday!!!

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    An EXCELLENT pop horns collection is the older Roland Brass CD. It has great big band trumpets and trombones.

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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    Peter, exactly what Brass CD-name and or ID number please-I\'m getting desparate...


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    Re: POP BRASS: any hope?

    What would you like to see in a popbrass collection? Would it be Trumpet, Sax and Trombone as in a classical setup?


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