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Topic: Indian Instruments

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    Indian Instruments

    A little bit off the beaten track here, in that it\'s not a giga instrument, but has anyone ever used SwarShala and Taal Trax from Swar Systems? The web page doesn\'t really explain terribly well what they do, but it does have some great testimonials saying how real the tracks made with them sound. In my desperate hunt for usable Indian instruments I\'m almost tempted, but it would be a big help if someone here could tell me how good they really are.

    Pingu [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Indian Instruments

    Mate, I would seriously steer clear of that software. It seems to be a combination of tutorial and wannabe sequencer, and doesn\'t look like it\'s ready for the real world yet. I downloaded the demo, and the software\'s not exactly intuitive. The samples weren\'t too inspiring either, some sounds seemed to be cut off, and some sounds didn\'t seem to be chromatically sampled. I could be wrong though - I didn\'t spend all that long trying to get the demo to do something intelligent.

    If you need Indian, try the titles below. Eric Persing (Spectrasonics) and Nick Phoenix (QL) have good track records, and the SF library would be a cheap way to go. Heart of Asia seems to have a lot of gear on it, and if you\'re short of $ you can always go with the audio cd - but check that you get enough of what you need first. Often the CD rom versions have more material than the audio.
    The Spectrasonics site has track listings by format, and liner notes.




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    Re: Indian Instruments


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    Re: Indian Instruments

    I bought the SwarShala system and am disappointed.

    I WOULD recommend the soundfonts mentioned above at


    and just use your own sequencer.


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    Re: Indian Instruments

    Wow Dash, that\'s bizarre. A Bombay Tabla drum machine! They\'ve even got Tanpura boxes with \'state of the art digital sound\' [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Mind you, if you already have a sequencer, rather than spend $250 ($450 for the \'pro\') on a stand alone drum machine, you might be better off buying something like Pure Tabla (Acid compatable audio loops - $45):

    or if you need more than Tablas, and are happy with loops, Deepest India (Giga format $270):

    The tab;a and tanpura boxes are here:

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    Re: Indian Instruments

    This file is in no way intended to be Indian Music!
    My apologys to India.


    512MB P4, no reverb, no external equipment.
    gt_Sitar, pm_Tablas, pm_Mrdngam, ph_Kanjira, st_Solo_Violin.

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    Re: Indian Instruments

    Chad, Pure Tabla is also just loops (although the price is quite good) They have no individual bols,just licks.

    I asked, because I really want \'correct\' tabla, and can\'t afford RI yet.

    (And by the way, Nick, is there a published list of the RI tabla samples? Are the spoken/sung bols (Na, Dhin, Ghe, etc.) included, or just the drums themselves? If they are, I will definitely have to move RI up a few notches on my gotta-have list (it\'s about #4 now, right after pop brass and sax sections, and contemporary jazz guitar.)


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    Re: Indian Instruments

    The Rare instruments tabla is not authentically played. Still, non-purists will probably like it. It\'s quite playable.

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    Re: Indian Instruments

    I have not heard these, but if what you\'re looking for are basic taals, there are electronic tabla with sampled drums that may be of some assistance (although I don\'t believe they are able to sync to anything, might wind up as a record-it-yourself Acid loop...)

    The Ali Akbar College music store, I think it\'s at www.aacm.com used to have some of these for sale, and the store manager swore they sounded good.

    For what it\'s worth...


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    Re: Indian Instruments

    Thanks, Nick.

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