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Topic: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

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    stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    I\'m thinking of changing a number of my instruments from stereo to mono in order to increase polyphony in some situations. I have no problem in doing the sample editing and resaving as mono. It\'s drudge work, but not daunting. What\'s dawning on me is what seems like an incredible amount of work substituting these mono samples for the stereo ones. As soon as I change any region to mono, all samples get unmapped. It seems I\'d have to make a listing of which sample was originally mapped to which region, change regions to mono, and then painstakingly put the mono samples back where the stereo ones originally were. With 4 or 8 layer samples and 2 or more velocity levels, this seems like an interminable task. Is there a different way to tackle this problem.

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    Re: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    Get Awave Studio. It will do all the work for you.

    Chickensys Translator may do it as well, not sure tho

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    Re: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    When the instrument file you are working on is built in an efficient and logical way you can easily use the Instrument Wizard to rebuild it with your new samples. One condition is that the samples have names like \"xx.A1, xx.B1, xx.C2 etc\" or \"xxx.01, xxxx.02 etc\". If not the wizard won\'t help much.
    You can select all regions at once and change the stereo/mono dimension for all regions at once. All samples are unmapped then but at least all regions are mono too.
    Can\'t make it any easier I\'m afraid.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    Maybe the easiest way is to pan all samples hard to the left. This way GST may decide it doesn\'t have to play the right side of the sample and it may free polyphony, haven\'t checked it.

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    Re: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    I\'m not sure if you\'re saying that Awave Studio will write the mono wav\'s for me, or that it will somehow interact with GS, and remap the new mono samples to the correct regions. I looked at Awaves site and saw that it writes compressed GS wav\'s. Still this is only a small part of the work. I have Translator, and don\'t think it will do the trick either.

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    Re: stereo to mono... ughh or not ughh?

    The library is pretty logically laid out with correct format for samples, but samples aren\'t necessarily mapped chromatically... sometimes a sample is used for several regions, or a region is wider than one half step. Other times it is truly chromatic. The result could be pretty close... who knows, it might even be better than the original. I think it still would leave lots of work in merging and combining wouldn\'t it? I mean I don\'t see how the wizard could recreate all the splits. I thought the wizard just creates instruments with no splits.

    As for the idea of panning hard... I think probably GS sees this as two voices, with one playing \"silently\" (turned way down) and the other playing at full volume... therefore, no gain in polyphony. I may be wrong. But when building layered instruments, it is a similar construct. All voices are played when a key is pressed. Some may not be audible, some may be at various volumes, but the resources are taken up anyway.

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