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Topic: To Nick Phoenix, from a legal QL Strat user.

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    To Nick Phoenix, from a legal QL Strat user.

    Hi Nick,
    I just added a new bigger hard drive into my PC, in which I intend to transfer my existing gigs (the first smaller HD will now serve for other purposes).
    So I need a reply to a few questions, before I start those transfers (in fact I\'m a bit scared, due to the copy protection business, and to a thread I recently read here from someone seemingly having trouble with the Strat files after re-installing Windows....)
    SO :
    - can I simply drag and drop the Strat gigs from the old drive to the new one, or do I have to come through the whole -cumbersome and long-process of extracting the .rar files ?
    - if I have to do so (extracting the .rar), how must I do : do I have to first delete the existing Strat gigs on the first drive, or can I make these \"old\" Strat gigs files co-exist for a while (just in case.....) in both drives ?
    Please let me know what I got to do -or not do- in order not to suffer from this protection setup.
    You may respond here, on the forum, or email me if you want (sirbellog@yahoo.fr)
    I\'m really looking forward to reading your answer

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    Re: To Nick Phoenix, from a legal QL Strat user.

    You can tranfer the .gigs with no problems. The problem recently reported had nothing to do with the copy protection. We haven\'t had a single problem with it yet.

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