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Topic: Piazzolla demo

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    Piazzolla demo

    Current discussions on this forum show the importance of good demos for soundlibraries. I was very thrilled when –coincidentally- Harry Norris sent in some demos he made with Astor Piazzolla tangos. Originally the demo was made with the Post Estonia piano samples but, being a huge Piazzolla fan I used the midi-file with GRANDIOSO for this demo. You hear the 16 layer instrument from the GRANDIOSO Classic Gig-file. The recording is processed with: WAVES L1+ (UltraMax), Digidesign Reverb One, Focus d3 (comp/limit), Focus d2 (6-band eq.) and –finally- Digidesign MP3 encoder at 128 kb/s.
    The demo is around 6 MB:

    Hope you enjoy this music even when you’re not interested in the library, as this demo shows what the current technology is permitting us to do. We had many people visiting our studio and none of them could believe the piano is sampled. Many thanks to Nemesys/TASCAM for an amazing musical tool!
    For info (and more demos) on GRANDIOSO visit:
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Piazzolla demo

    Your piano sounds really wonderful but let me tell you that the performance of Adios Nonino didnt make justice with Piazzolla s music it lacks of the swing or soul of Piazzollas s music
    although its technically good.
    And what I really want to ask you is, Can you consider making a real deep multisample of the Bandoneon I think it would be a nice idea.Of course i know you cant come to Buenos Aires wich would be the rigth place to do it,cause its here that the truly masters of this instrument lives. But you can find really nice bandoneon players ,that came from the far south, there in Europe.

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    Re: Piazzolla demo

    Hi dlm
    A few remarks; the demo is ment to demo the piano sound not the piazzolla music. I understand that this sequenced performance of the piece lacks the tempo variations normally seen in this kind of music when performed in a standard musical setting.
    We also recieved private comments from argentineans who comment on the same musical performance:
    QOUTE: \"Excelent performance. And so expressive... Beautiful. ...the real
    thing, is exactly as it is.\"
    I don\'t want to start a topic about the musical interpretation of tango music but do want to state there are people who disagree with you.

    About your idea of a Bandoneon sample; I made a Bandoneon sample for my Post Accordions library. It turned out rather poor IMO due to several things: first it is a very very expressive instrument that needs a very very talented player to come to life. Second the instrument can produce swells. Now here you come to the main weakness of sampling technology. You can record swells in different sizes and tempi but none will exactly fit in the context you need when performing a piece with real-time expression. When you perform a sample (of any instrument that can produce swells, like brass, strings, woodwinds etc) and the sample lacks the right swell for the musical phrase the sample will sound \"dead\". I didn\'t go all the way to record all possible combinations of swells at different velocities for the simple reason that it becomes very unpractical to perform such a huge collection of samples in real-time. You can see what I mean when you look at libraries that do contain many articulations. Performing a simple musical phrase may require over 6 articulations, where you have to sequence the part in order to get the right patch playing the right notes.
    When sampling technology will allow real-time crossfades between different sampled timbres (including the \"morphing\" of these timbres to match instead of performing a mix of the two timbres) I will start recording such instruments. In the mean time I prefer to stick to static instrument sounds like piano, organ, harpsichords etc.
    That said you will find the latest demo of Post Accordions to be sounding as real as it gets these days. We used filtering, amplitude modulation and mixing to come closer to the real thing, much like the way you do it in Kurzweil samplers. You can find the demos on the website below.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Piazzolla demo

    It sounded fantastic to me. The delicate passages were amazing.

    Unfortunately my Ztar can\'t really access velocity well enough to get the most out of your piano.

    But when the new OS becomes available, if it can get the most out of this piano, I won\'t be able to resist it.

    I\'ve listened to all of the demos and this piano is quite incredible.

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