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Topic: Toggle on/off for percussion loops

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    Toggle on/off for percussion loops

    Hi all

    I have another question to ask (sorry!).

    I\'m in the process of sampling my drummer to produce some custom jazz loops. I want to program Giga so that pressing a key on the keyboard starts the sample loop playing indefinately. Pressing the key again will stop the loop.

    Is this toggle on/off approach possible? I\'ve seen it with synth keyboards but not in Giga...

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Toggle on/off for percussion loops

    How long are the drum samples going to be?

    There are a couple of problems with triggreing a sample once in order to hear a sound which lasts for a long time - especially a drum pattern.

    With audio sequencers you can start anywhere in the piece and the recorder will find the correct place in the audio and proceed.
    With midi sequencing, there\'s is no provision for a midi triggered sound to start from anywhere but where the original note on occurred. So if your loop is 32 bars long and you want to hear everything from bar 18, you have wind back to somewhere just before the first bar of the loop and listen to everything between it and bar 18.
    That\'s tiresome.

    Also loops often have a small error in their length which can make them seem to \'drift\' out of time with the rest of the computer seqeunced material. This is more noticeable over a large number of bars.

    Most times I trigger the loop with a midi note which lasts as long as the loop (say 2 or four bars), then copy that part several times so that it plays for the period of time that I need it.

    If your drummer has played a long piece, you can cut it up with an audio editor and trigger the smaller sections so that you don\'t have to go back a long way every time you want to playback from somewhere other than the song start.

    If you don\'t want to cut up the audio, I\'d suggest recording the drummer into your audio sequencer in the first place so that his parts are in audio tracks on the sequencer. Then you can start anywhere you like.

    If it has to be a long midi triggered sample, Giga can\'t do that. Even if you set the release to it\'s longest (60 seconds) the loop is fading over that period.

    If you simply don\'t want to hold a note down for a really long time. You could make the sample play as long as you like by approaching this from the sequencer\'s point of view. What you could do is tap the midi note in to the sequence, quantize it to make sure it\'s in the right place, then go to where you want the part to finish and put another note in, then in the track editor, select \'all\' notes on that track and tell the sequencer to make them legato. This would lengthen the first note up to the point that you played the second note. You may also be able to edit the note value directly in the midi \'event or \'list\' editor, although sometimes there\'s a limit to the size of the number you can enter this way.

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