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Topic: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

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    OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    E3 EXPO

    Left San Jose at 4:35 AM Wednesday and arrived at the outskirts of LA at 9AM. It took me another 45 minutes to get to the convention center in bumper to bumper traffic! And didn’t those aliens blow away that darned building?? Whatever... Traffic is a mess in LA.

    E3 is the biggest noisiest gaudiest collection of lights, lasers, monitors, blaring speakers, giant TV screens and scantily clad booth babes I have ever seen. Talking was always done in low shout. However, if you cannot drum up some good industry connections here, then you don’t belong in the business. I brought back a gold mine of contacts (about 100) and gave out over 50 demos.

    I had dinner with Bill Brown ( http://www.billbrownmusic.com/ ) last Friday night, and he is very excited about his interview on this forum, which is coming up soon. I asked many technical questions and received some good info, but instead of repeating what I learned here, I will pose them as questions for his Q&A. Bill is also jazzed about scoring an upcoming movie: he has already presented a demo to his clients.
    OBTW, Bill DOES lurk here on the forum, though he has not yet had the time to post. Some of you may have noticed that Aaron Marks, the writer of the definitive bible “The Complete Guide to Game Audio” is now an active member of this forum. Other game composers of note also drop by here from time to time. Just though y’all would like to know.

    G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild http://www.audiogang.com/index2.html ) had another meeting and a G.A.N.G. Bang party afterwards. There were some announcements (from Tommy Tallarico):

    Garritan Orchestral Strings is now a sponsor of G.A.N.G., and offers it members a discount on GOS. Nice!

    A year from this December there will be a full orchestra and choir concert at the Hollywood Bowl featuring all game music. (A G.A.N.G. event.)

    Ray Colcord ( http://www.raycolcord.com check out his links) president of The Society Of Composers & Lyricists ( http://www.filmscore.org ), announced that game composers were now allowed to join The Society Of Composers & Lyricists. There are many benefits to being a member, including being eligible for an Emmie. I bet Nick Phonix and Robert Kral (among others here on this forum) are members. Ray told me some very interesting stories about a composer event that is coming up he is helping organize that will feature most of the huge names in film music composition. Maybe Nick and/or Robert can fill us in.

    G.A.N.G. is moving into phase 2, and will have member login, member profiles and member demos, among other features. Next GDC there will be awards for excellence in game music and audio design. DTS, DOLBY and others are now sponsors. Check the G.A.N.G. site for a list. G.A.N.G. membership is still only $75 ($100 later), so it is still not too late to join.

    George “The Fat Man” Sanger was his usual hilarious self, and I enjoyed sitting around with him swapping stories. He told me a really great one that would interest many of you, but I will save that for later.

    There was probably more, but I am exhausted. What a week. If I remember more, I will post more.

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    I\'m composing music for an upcoming PC game in the works. During this week, I\'m making music as well as sound effects and dialogue for a trailer we presenting to investors. What site could I go to that game composers would go to?

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Aaron, I am not completely sure of what you are asking, but I do not know of any forum or site just for game composers except the G.A.N.G. site (which WILL soon feature a forum just for G.A.N.G. members). Meanwhile, this forum is as good as it gets, and this one is the best for all composers.
    Does anybody else here know of a forum or site for game audio designers?

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Doyle, did you get a chance to check out any of the stuff on Sly Cooper? Thats the game I\'m doing the interactive music for.

    Wish I could have gone down this year. Its the first E3 I\'ve ever missed. Been a little busy on the project so I decided not to go.

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Try Music4Games.net

    Other than that I don\'t know of any that cater to the game audio guys.

    I was at the G.A.N.G. meeting, but didn\'t get a chance to meet you Doyle. Hopefully next time.

    E3 wore me out too [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Axiom: Music4Games.net Good call. I will remember other stuff when I have had a full nights sleep. What did you think of the girl with the axe? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    “I was at the G.A.N.G. meeting, but didn\'t get a chance to meet you Doyle. Hopefully next time.”
    Next time. You could not have missed seeing me: I was the only one wearing the black G.A.N.G. t-shirt. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    “E3 wore me out too”
    My feet felt like they were beat with a stick.

    KingIdiot: “Doyle, did you get a chance to check out any of the stuff on Sly Cooper?”
    There was so much stuff there that I could have seen it (probably did) and would not know it. That show was huge.

    “Thats the game I\'m doing the interactive music for.”
    Interactive? Well well. Are you using Microsoft Producer? There is a company (now associated with GANG) in Santa Clara that is making tools for sound designers for inserting sound in games in a new way. I am going to get a tour of their place soon. Want in the loop?

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Its a PS2 title. I\'ve taken a look at MS Producer for possible future projects. Its pretty awesome what it can do.

    E3\'s a fun time [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Especially the after show parties [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Jeesh, I used to write video games for the Genesis and SuperNintendo, (sculptured software ring a bell?) all of our music was done in house. Is there really a big market for game music developers? I would think the big companies would just hire a few guys and be done with it? (The need to hire outside help that is..)

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Even the large game publishers that have in-house audio staff spend money on outside composers and song licensing. The game industry brought in $9 billion last year and that continues to grow. Budgets are constantly growing and more attention is being paid to the audio in these games. When your game takes 10+ programmers and 30+ artists and several million dollars to make, you want the best possible audio as well, and often that involves going outside the company to get it.

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    Re: OT: The E3 Expo, G.A.N.G and composers...

    Actually, the best place game composers and sound designers can go to is the Game Audio Pro forum on Yahoo. You\'ll interact with more working professionals there than anywhere else on the \'net right now, at least until GANG gets their site together.

    I didn\'t know there were quite so many game guys on here. I\'m doing music and sound effects for \"James Bond 007: Nightfire\" from EA. Anyone catch that title at the show?

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