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Topic: Thoughts and reflections

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    Thoughts and reflections

    After giving much thought to the recent events on this forum I have come to the conclusion that extensive interaction between developers and consumers is just not a good thing.

    As developers we take our work very serious. Each project is our own baby that we hopefully nurture into a great product. No matter how good something may be someone is bound to say something negative and this only leads to unproductive threads like the one I unfortunately started. Just for the record I consider Dan one of my very best friends and I would never try to hurt any of his products. The mention from Z6 that this is what I was trying to do was absolutely rediculous. I programmed those two libraries for Dan I think they are the best things going. You can talk about me all you want but DO NOT try to make something out of nothing and cause friction between me and a good freind of mine!

    I do not however regret anything I\'ve said in the past. I know the type of personality that I am and I have grown to live with it. I just prefer to be honest and speak my mind even if sometimes it might get me into trouble with some people.

    In my opinion this forum is getting to many \"troublemakers\" here that are only here to cause problems and offer no helpful input whatsoever. \"Z6\" for example has not ONE constructive post to his credit and for some reason is hung up on talking down Memphis as city.

    Memphis music history 101: Z6 do you realize that you are talking about arguably the most historic cities in the world when it comes to music? Do these names and places ring a bell: Elvis Presely (love him or hate him NO one is more poplular and has sold more records), Sun Studios (perhaps the most famous studio in the country and a true pioneer in what we call Rock n\' Roll today), BB King, Beale Street, WC Handy, Issac Hayes and the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and do a little research, or as in this case pull your head out of the toliet before you shoot your mouth off about Memphis and it\'s history.

    I have always tried to be helpful on this forum from offering advice to giving away free sounds and special offers. Unfortunately as I said before this forum is fast becoming a place like most on the internet: a place for children to come and make childish comments. I beg upon the moderators to clean up some of the problem people here and restore this forum to what it once was.

    Anyone who has been here for at least a year (I\'ve been here since 99\') like King Idiot, Haydn, etc. will agree that this forum is not ANYTHING like it used to be and that is unfortunate.

    I\'ll be back when/if this board goes back to being the old Northern Sounds that we all loved. In the mean time if your interested in any of our products just check our website.



    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Thoughts and reflections

    Although I\'ve been entertained by these little rants at each other, you\'re absolutely right. We all need to chill, and quit this unprofessional and childish crap. Hell, I\'m 17 and I can see that. And come ON, you\'re talking to a sample developer here who encourages suggestion and tries his best to improve what we love doing, which is making great music with GREAT sound! Now, you can either create constructive criticism, and/or critism on certain things you don\'t like, IN A PRO MANNER, or you can just shove it, and kick your dog at home. I\'m not going to point fingers at anyone, but this is my testimony, and we all need to chill.

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    Re: Thoughts and reflections

    I absolutely agree this is getting out of hand. And it is distracting to my attitude about work.

    I do not agree that developers and consumers should not intermingle; nor do I believe that consumers should *not* speak their opinions about samples they buy OR are in the evaualtion of buying. If a developer puts his work out their, they should realize they take that risk, like all artists do when they display their work to the general public. If you can\'t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you cant respect that publik opinion, then perhaps you need to find another line of work.

    Being nasty and rude is another discussion, but how do you draw a line of censor? Welcome to constitutional law 101. However, we still retain a right to ignore instead of responding. I have yet to see that tactic being applied. And all I see is further comments and prodding and flaming. Perhaps that is a way to get this forum back to where it should be, as most of these negative comments were directed to get more negative comments back. Which is exactly what is occurring.

    And NO, I do NOT like Dan Deans Demos. Period.
    I do appreciate his samples and have purchased 90% of his libraries. I could care who is a friend of who, or who wrote what.

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    Re: Thoughts and reflections

    Thanks Donnie.
    We also sent you a second email before I saw this post. By what you said in the first and beginning of you second paragraph. I can see you fully understand the first email.
    Hope you understand our position.
    take care
    We are going to close this thread also We don\'t want this to continue. You all can send private messages if you want to continue this discussion.

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