I, and others, have previously mentioned that some of the Prosonus Orchestral Collection instrument notes are out-of-tune. I have been corresponding with BigFishAudio concerning this and was asked to come up with a list of instruments that need correcting.

So, I post this message to solicit you, an OC owner, for help with completing this list. If we worked together, we could compile a more accurate and complete list as well as increase the chances of getting an update from BFA.

I hope to listen to all of the instruments during this weekend and US holiday. If you could do the same, it would be a great help. I will post my first-pass results when I have them.

Please identify both the instrument/articulation name (as it appears in the QuickSound) and all of the notes in question. Also, consider if it is the sample that is out-of-tune or the section not being in tune with each other (important difference) and notate accordingly.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.