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Topic: Advise on movie horns library

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    Advise on movie horns library

    Hello, I need some advice for a sample-cd with some big moviescore Horns. Can someone tell me wich Cd has the best horns available?

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    I like Thomas\'s horns. BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Um, realistically, QLB has the best horn sections out there. I\'d wait for Maartens new horns coming out in a couple months. They might be free like his trumpets, but his library is EXCELLENT and the most workable in my work. I only use his trumpets for big orchestral compositions. Again, just wait for Maarten\'s horns. If he creates it the same way he did the trumpets, we\'re all in for a HUGE surprise. I can\'t wait.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    The QLB french horns are good in the sense that they have quick attacks. They sound a bit small and midrangey, though. You need to cut the mids. I tend to mix them with other things these days.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    Wow, cutting on your own libraries Nick! Bwa ha ha ha! Seriously, as of now your horns are the only ones I use.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    You know, if you ask me I will always give you an honest opinion about any library, including my own.( unless it\'s GOS, in which case I have to candy coat my opinions so as not to disrupt the space time continuum.) I have always done this in the past, if you care to look back. I would rather that some one not buy a library of mine, than to buy it and be unhappy.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    I love QLB. Perhaps the only library I reach for more often is QL Rare Instruments. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    But the french horns aren\'t \"hollywood\" like what you\'re probably looking for. They actually sound a LOT like what you hear in E.S. Posthumus tracks (same actually goes for QL RI and VotA, come to think of it!). So use that to get an idea of obvious ways to use the QL horns.

    So really, there\'s not anything out that I know of that will get you that sound without a lot of tweaking.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    I still find alot of the Roland brass on \"Orchestral Family\" very useable, especially the french horns.
    Also be on the lookout for Dan Deans Brass Ensembles. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Should be some really great stuff!

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    Ok Thanx you all for the usefull advice!!!!!

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    I personally made a basic horn patch that I like very much.

    Its a combination of two versions of QLB horns (one custom EQd/verbed/delayed) and Advanced Orch Horns. There is a light layer of DD Solo Brass in there, but to be honest its not noticable in the patch.

    Anyhow. Its only one layer FF with filters added. Sounds pretty good tho. If I make it atleast two layers with Xfade it should be nice.

    Dan Dean I could add in later for extra bite I\'m sure.

    I\'ve heard th erolands and they do sound good. I wish I had them to add in [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

    dan Deans brass should be another great option.

    about QLB. With EQ you can get some great sounds out of it. Nick\'s right its a bit Mid rangy, but it does sound more like multiple horns than some other libraries. With ALOT of EQ and some compression (then some envelope reshaping), you can probably get AWESOME results. I remember an old one processed sound I did to mimic TJ\'s horns that actually sounded pretty good....a bit processed because I recorded at very low volumes, but still would have been usefull.

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    Re: Advise on movie horns library

    I find that QLB is still the best library to own for brass ensemble stuff. Layering the DD solo Brass on top gives IMO some great results. I also add in some of the Roland stuff for the horns.

    To sum up, I haven\'t found any one brass library that gives the \"Hollywood\" brass sound. I\'ve had to layer multiple libraries.

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