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Topic: What would YOU like to see sampled?

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    What would YOU like to see sampled?

    Im really curious about what people here really would like to have in a sample library thats not available.. Im not talking about new articulations and playing techniques on violins and other instruments that has been sampled, but brand new never-before-sampled ones..
    Or is it like this: \"If it makes a sound, it\'s been samled\"

    Please prove the above statement to be wrong [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    From the keyboard world, an RMI electric piano and an ARP Pro Soloist. Both companies went bust ages ago, so there should be no copyright issues.

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    I wanted to see a waterphone, but I\'ve been persuaded that to fully sample all that one can do would be a ridiculous project, and will be buying a waterphone instead.

    I\'d also like to see really usable multisamples of Indian instruments. Tabla with multiple velocities, and takes, of each stroke -no loops. A playable Sitar with some way of managing the microtuning, bending of pitch and sympathetic vibrations - again, not loops. A playable Saron. Etc. But I think they\'re pipe dreams.

    But while you\'re offering, a library of crystal glasses (i.e. playing the rims) and glass harmonicas would be good. It\'s a gorgeous sound, which the typical GM glass pad doesn\'t come close to.

    ...and then there\'s those steam powered fairground organs...

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    YEAH - A steam powered fair organ. The old Concert organs sound amazing...

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    How about sampling the tapping sounds of those Riverdancers? I dont know if its ever been done before or if it would have been useable but why should we leave anything untried?

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    I vote for glass harmonicas too....that would be nice...


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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    Hey Pingu,

    Check out Bolder Sounds \'Best of Bolder (BOB)\' Collection.


    Crystal Glasses:
    Crystals 1-50 are crystal glasses with various types of attacks. Each crystal is mapped to the correct pitch on the keyboard so you can easily layer it with your favorite synth pad or whatever...The glasses were struck with a finger flick, plastic fork, soft mallet, screwdriver, hard mallet, pencil, pencil with a ball end made by rubber bands etc..... There are also a few samples recorded with the glass filled half way with water which gives it sort of a natural vibrato-LFO type effect. Starting at program 51, we have samples of the sustain of the glass created by running a wetted finger along the rim of the glass. These are presented as a simple program alone, then they are combined in layers which creates a nice fat chorused type ethereal atmosphere.

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    Thanks Chadwick!

    I guess everything has been sampled then.

    Except those Riverdancers...


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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    Sure, everything has been sampled, but not everything has been sampled well enough for everybody\'s taste. Just look at the range of opinions on GOS, and there are still people out there saying that they can\'t find a good set of sampled drums for gosh sake!

    Gigasampler and 24/96 has pretty much wiped the history slate clean as far as sampling goes. With the exception of very few libraries, my guess is that most developers still see opportunities to build \'new\' libraries, even for instruments which were sampled only a few years ago.

    After 24/96 and Giga\'s endless sample length options, all that is left is probably physical modelling, and the way I see it - if they can\'t quite get reverb perfect, what chance have we got of something as in your face as a violin, voice or sax?

    Anyway, if it sounds good - record it.

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    Re: What would YOU like to see sampled?

    Hi Everybody
    What I really want to see (and have!) is a really good pop solo brass...
    I already have QLB and DDSB which are good, but still too far from the real thing, I mean, 2 trumpets, 2 saxes and 2 bones (at least) in truly fff playing with lot of falls, doits, etc.
    Ah! also with very high registers...
    I´m still waiting...
    Jose Pereira [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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