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Topic: Is it suitable?

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    Re: Is it suitable?

    Do you mean RAM or HD?
    i\'m planning to get full 2GB RAM and 2 36GB harddisks. Are they really not enough for running Giga with large samples?

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    Re: Is it suitable?

    RAM is memory, HD is storage. Get more memory. Double it if you can.

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    Re: Is it suitable?

    I run 512k on one of my gig machines.

    It works fine. It really depends on your work methos and musical style

    I wish I had more, but I get by.

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    Re: Is it suitable?

    I don\'t think you need two \'fast, expensive\' 36GB drives. If you want to splash the same amount of cash, get one BIG drive for your samples, and one little one for everything else. The little one doesn\'t have to be \'superfast\'. 36GB probably seems gargantuan right now, but a little way down the line it might not seem so huge.

    Please correct me if I\'m wrong here anyone.

    As for RAM, make sure you know what size of stick(s) you\'re using; 512 will probably do fine, but if it\'s a single stick, you can always just add another easily, whereas if it\'s all \'cut up\' into small pieces, you can have problems upgrading.

    The main concern is always the \'sample\' hard drive. A SCSI 36GB should do nicely, but if you can save cash on getting a lesser drive for progs and performance files etc., you can upgrade the sample drive before you buy it.

    If you haven\'t done it before; follow ALL of the recommendations for setup religiously (IRQ\'s, slots etc - if relevant). A Giga install can go very smoothly with the right preparation. Get it wrong from the start and you end up pleading on the tech pages (it apparently can be a real horror show).

    Sounds like a great system you have planned.

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    Is it suitable?

    Hello everybody!
    i\'m planning to purchase a new computer for my gigastudio. The configurations are as follow:

    -Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz
    -INTEL P4 D850 Processor P4 System Board
    -512MB RD-RAM (can be up to 2GB)
    -36GB SCSI harddisk (I plan to add one more later)
    -Ego WamiRack 24 Interface
    -ELSA Synergy4 550XGL or ELSA Gloria4 750XGL Display card

    I\'m running WIn98 SE & 2000 together. Can it be suitable for running Gigastudio 2.5? And I\'m worrying about loading large number of samples or large-sized samples in this computer. Is it enough?
    thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Is it suitable?


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