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Topic: Is it suitable?

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    Is it suitable?

    Hello everybody!
    i\'m planning to purchase a new computer for my gigastudio. The configurations are as follow:

    -Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz
    -INTEL P4 D850 Processor P4 System Board
    -512MB RD-RAM (can be up to 2GB)
    -36GB SCSI harddisk (I plan to add one more later)
    -ELSA Synergy4 550XGL or ELSA Gloria4 750XGL

    I\'m running WIn98 SE & 2000 together. Can it be suitable for running Gigastudio 2.5? And I\'m worrying about loading large number of samples or large-sized samples in this computer. Is it enough?
    thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Is it suitable?

    Your specs are good enough for giga, but it might be a good idea using a separate hard drive for gigasamples and another for windows and gigastudio, this might increase performance. If you\'ll use gigastudio for large projects like orchestration, a separate giga coumputer gives you great performance (but costs a lot).

    I don\'t know witch sample libraries you are going to purchase, but 36gb will last a while.

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